Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shows off guns, ammo and stacks of cash in giant safe and jokes she's 'in the mafia'

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans showed off her guns, ammo, and her stacks of cash in a giant safe and joked that she was "in the mafia."

Jenelle, 29, showed off her "bada**" side in her new TikTok video. 

The former Teen Mom 2 star opened the giant safe and teased what the safe was protecting.

The giant safe contained firearms lined up in the back. 

The audio was from the pilot of The Sopranos when Meadow asked her father Tony if he was in Mafia. 

Jenelle claimed it was her "phone" that she was putting away.

The caption in the video stated: "Nah, I’m just a badass! That's my phone full of receipts btw."

The audio ended with the sound of a gunshot. 

Coolio's song, Gangsta's Paradise, was also playing during the short video.

Jenelle was recently slammed by Teen Mom fans who were not thrilled that she bought "illegal" fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend.

The reality star continued to show her bad side on TikTok as she revealed how she and her family "went to South Carolina because in North Carolina fireworks are illegal."

The Teen Mom star joked that "the popo were there but it's all good because we dodged them!"

The short clip proceeded with Jenelle, along with her hubby David Eason, who previously joked about hunting baby chicks.

The two were roaming the store and picking up fireworks, including some "little ones for the kids."

The ex MTV star explained: "We have a tradition every year where we let the kids get these little book bags at the fireworks store."

Jace, 12, was seen picking up the fireworks bag.

During the Fourth of July festivities, Jennelle, David, and the kids lit up their fireworks and let them explode left and right.

While the fireworks were let loose, fans were concerned for the safety of Jenelle's kids and her pets as well.

Jenelle did warn her little ones that they should not "put your hand in front of" the firework.

One Teen Mom fan wrote: "I hope she doesn't make one of the animals on the land try to catch one that's lit."

While fans took to the Reddit section to air out their frustrations, one person sarcastically said: "Jenelle actually said the little ones (fireworks) are for the children… mother of the year!"

Another fan added: "I mean… everything else she's ever done that was illegal was broadcast on TV and she suffered no consequences so why start worrying now?"

Jenelle shares Ensley, four, with David, who also happens to be the father of Maryssa, 13. 

Jenelle's ex, Andrew Lewis, is the father of her son Jace.

Nathan Griffith, 33, and Jenelle share their son Kaiser, seven.

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