Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin accused of 'SCAMMING' fans by charging $200 for a training session in new project

KAILYN Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been accused of "scamming" fans by charging $200 for one training session in their new project.

The Teen Mom 2 stars launched Lethal Speed Training Camp for children earlier this week and are offering sessions across the US.

Their latest event is in Newark, Delaware, on August 15 and costs $200 for a three-hour class – plus a free shirt and water bottle.

Outraged fans flocked to Reddit to complain about the price.

One wrote: "$200 and all you get is a complimentary shirt and water bottle? Lol ok."

Another added: "Wait, this is 200 bucks for ONE class?! I assumed that would be like a term of training at least… (12 weeks). This just seems like a scam."


A third raged: "Hella pricey. I live south of Seattle and found a sports camp that is 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for my son.

"I got his price reduced significantly.. but the “regular” price for 15 hours was $250. Kail is tripping."

Kailyn and Javi were married from 2012 until 2017 and share seven-year-old son Lincoln together.

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Javi announced the new joint business on Monday, saying Lethal Speed “allows you guys to experience the same things that we have with Lincoln and the amount of growth that has happened throughout the year.”

He added: “Kail and I decided to go into business together and show all of you how amazing @lethal_speedy really is. We’ll be holding camps throughout the US for you to bring your child and get some work in!"

The professional collaboration may not come as a surprise to some, as Kailyn shared a throwback photo of the pair just days ago on Instagram.

Last week, the MTV star praised Javi for helping her rush her 11-month-old son Creed to the ER during her family’s Punta Cana trip.

Kailyn explained on her Coffee Convos podcast of what happened: “So, [Creed is] scaling things… I went to put him down, and he went to go grab like the edge of the table to go scale it.

“The table caught the corner of his eyebrow and they did take him up at the emergency room.” 


He had to get “little butterfly stitches” and is “perfectly fine” now, but Kailyn was in “sheer panic” when it all happened and when he was rushed to the ER, but Javi helped by talking to the doctors for her over the phone.

The Teen Mom star shared: “I had to call Javi for him to translate the whole thing because I was so upset … my Spanish has been good enough to get us around [but not for this.]

“I had never needed him to come through harder than what he did for me yesterday.”

During a 2020 episode of the MTV show,  Kailyn claimed her ex tried to "f**k" her in a Wawa parking lot while still engaged to Lauren Comeau.

A heartbroken Lauren, who shares her two-year-old son Eli with Javi, moved out of his Delaware house and went back to her home state of Maine after the allegations surfaced.

After she finally returned to Delaware weeks later, Javi wrote an emotional note on social media confessing that he "messed up" his relationship with the brunette.

"I had everything I wanted. Everything I dreamed of and I messed it up.

"The greatest person in my life I hurt..not sure if it’ll ever be repairable but I pray it is and one day it’ll go back to how it should’ve always been."

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