Teen Mom’s Jade Cline breaks down over ‘demon kid’ and slams Sean Austin’s parenting as ‘embarrassing’

JADE Cline breaks down as she shouts that 'the world' thinks she's a 's**t parent' in Teem Mom 2's latest preview.

The mum-of-one can be seen nagging her baby daddy Slam Austin as she dubs her a child a "demon kid" in a teaser trailer for next Tuesday's episode.

In the trailer, Jade kicks off the argument by saying to Sean: "It's embarrassing.

"To the world, it looks like we have a demon child kid and we're s**t parents or something."

While speaking with a raised voice, Jade could be seen marching their three-year-old daughter Kloie out of the room while holding the toddler's hand as she spoke to Sean from across the room.

Sean responded as he sat on the sofa: "You're half right."

The trailer also featured fellow cast members Ashley Jones and Bar Smith as it showed Ashley having difficulty with their child Holly, three.

Speaking to her daughter who was throwing a tantrum, Ashley said: "Your dad is going to come and you're going to spend time with him."

An upset Holly then screams "no" and jumps down from the table running out of the room dramatically.

The trailer also revealed Bar is panicking because he missed his mid-term.

Speaking to Ashley in another clip as they sat on the sofa together, he said: "I missed a mid-term, oh my God."

Jade's comments on her and Sean's parenting in the trailer come after fans of the show slammed Sean's way with the kids as "aggressive".

Viewers took to Twitter to criticize the way he disciplined the toddler during this week's episode after he yelled at his daughter for acting up.

"Sean seems overly aggressive when dealing with Cloie. I get being stern but I'm scared," one person said.

"Sean is too aggressive and jade is too soft with their daughter. the way they parent has no balance just like their relationship," another chimed in.

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