'The Bachelor': Was Peter Weber Going to Propose to Madison Prewett During the Finale?

Chris Harrison wasn’t kidding when he said The Bachelor finale would be unlike anything we’d ever seen. It was truly wild TV.

Weber gave his final rose to Hannah Ann Sluss after Madison Prewett decided to go home. After speaking to Weber’s family, Prewett felt she and the pilot weren’t compatible. Until the brief moment in Weber’s proposal when he mentioned that Prewett had gone home, Sluss didn’t know she was the only one left. Later, during “After The Final Rose,” Sluss told Weber she thought that to be manipulative, that she wasn’t given all the information before saying “yes” to the engagement.

All season long, Weber’s been saying it would be impossible for his ending to be spoiled. We guess that’s because he didn’t know where he stood with Prewett. After he ended his engagement with Sluss (and she let him have it, much to the audience’s delight), Chris Harrison flew to Alabama to tell Prewett what the pilot had done and why. At the end of their conversation, Prewett packed a bag and returned to Los Angeles with the host.

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett’s less-than-romantic reunion

When Prewett was brought on stage to be reunited with Weber, the bachelor didn’t meet her – he let her come to him. He didn’t look ecstatic to be with the woman he ended his engagement for, but that probably had a lot to do with the fact that Sluss had just ripped him apart for a good portion of the evening, again, with the audience’s passionate support (and the support of his mother!).

By the time Madison walked on stage, Weber wasn’t in the mood for a romantic coming together. Especially after Barbara’s spiel about why she and her family didn’t take to Prewett.

Was Peter Weber going to propose to Madison Prewett at ‘After The Final Rose’?

But was Weber originally going to propose to Prewett? At the beginning of the evening, Harrison informed everyone that Neil Lane was in the audience. It seemed to be teasing that there could be a proposal taking place. At the end of Prewett and Weber’s time in the hot seat with Harrison, the host seemed almost taken aback at how everything turned out. Barbara was certainly very vocal and Prewett wasn’t backing down either. If Weber was going to propose, he wasn’t anymore after becoming the villain of the evening and learning of the huge rift between his potential girlfriend/fiancé and his family.

If Weber and Prewett do give their relationship a shot, Bachelor Nation is predicting it won’t last long. But we’ll just have to wait and see. They said the same thing about Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, but even they started their relationship with less adversity than Weber and Prewett.

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