The Chase’s Darragh Ennis planned ‘easy win’ before record-breaking £75k loss

The Chase's Darragh Ennis is one of the newbies on the quiz show, but despite only being on it for little over a year, he witnessed one of the most shocking financial wins in the show's history.

In one of his first performances filmed as a Chaser, Darragh lost by a margin as the 20-year-old managed to land a whopping £75k after opting for the higher offer – and his decision paid off.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online at the National Television Awards, Darragh remains impressed as ever with Eden, but it definitely wasn't the outcome he expected.

He said: "I was so impressed with him. I had done really well in the show, I'd knocked all the others out and Eden hadn't done all that well in his cash builder.

"Then out of nowhere he put it up. Everything I didn't know, he knew. I thought it was going to be an easy win, but it wasn't!

"He really surprised me but he deserved it."

Darragh explained how the show was filmed a whopping 18 months ago prior to lockdown but due to the pandemic they were filming socially distanced episodes, so everything recorded before hand was pushed back.

It seems Darragh thinks Eden could try his hand at Beat The Chasers, which won an award last night at the NTAs.

He said: "It would be very difficult to take on all of us but if he's clever and takes the right offer he has every chance to get more money. It's a great show, you'd be mad not to go on it."

Darragh, who only joined The Chase after smashing it himself on the show four years ago, said his new career is the "best job in the world".

He said: "The whole crew are great, it's a really well oiled machine and I love every second of it. It was a great win at the NTAs, we won 50% of the awards we were up for – happy days!"

Darragh and his fellow chasers are incredibly intelligent and are up for the challenge if people want to try and beat them, though the pressure is on for contestants, not so much so for the quizmasters themselves.

The mastermind continued: "It was a bit weird going from contestant to Chaser, but it's much more fun. Weirdly, there is very little pressure on you.

"As a contestant you know you have to really try to beat this person, but as the Chaser I found I have no real pressure on me and it's just pure good fun."

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