The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Talks Cicadas, Central America, Kamala

There are good trips and there are bad trips, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert noted.

President Joe Biden has got this week’s good trip, heading to Europe to renew longstanding ties with allies. Kamala Harris drew the short straw of having to go to Guatemala, which greeted her with protests and general disdain for the administration’s immigration policies.

Biden will return “complaining how bad our butter is back here,” Colbert chortled. Harris, though,

Harris will have to settle for licking her wounds, as the negative reviews of her journey have dominated the press.

‘The trip didn’t go very smoothly,” Colbert allowed. Harris particularly botched things when she was asked by NBC’s Lester Holt why she didn’t go to the border, answering, “I haven’t been to Europe.” The hidden message, Colbert said: “Is it too much to ask to have a slice of pizza with the Queen?”

At least Harris didn’t have to deal with cicadas.

The 17-year scourge of the ciicadas are all over DC ,Colbert noted, with swarms so dense they show up  on weather radar. “It’s never a comforting sign when your weather report sounds like the Book of Revelation,” he noted.

Watch the complete monologue above.

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