The Line of Duty cast look VERY different in season 6 to when they started out in early on-screen roles

LINE of Duty has cemented the likes of Adrian Dunbar, Vicki McClure and Martin Compston as television stalwarts.

And eight years of Jed Mercurio's cop drama has seen their looks change dramatically – but not as much as from when they first appeared on screen as baby-faced hopeful actors.

The show will have its final episode broadcast on Sunday, so The Sun Online is taking a trip down memory lane before the identity of H is finally revealed.

Adrian Dunbar

Northern Irish actor Adrian has left fans in stitches with his catchphrases as Superintendent Hastings.

But before he was known for his “mother of god” and “now we’re sucking diesel” quips, he played Liverpool nightclub owner Micky O'Neill in Hear My Song.

In the 1991 comedy film he has quite striking red-brown locks compared to his grey mane in the BBC1 drama.

Hear My Song also featured Line of Duty series six guest James Nesbitt.

Martin Compston

Scotsman Martin left viewers shocked when they realised he had a heavy Greenock accent in real life.

Prior to putting both feet in the acting world he was a professional football player.

His break into TV came through playing Liam in gritty post-prison film Sweet 16.

He’s a far cry from the bearded DI Arnott fans have come to know and love over the six series.

Vicky McClure

You’d barely recognise Vicky in her first ever professional acting role with her long locks.

She’s clearly had a few hair cuts since the 1991 comedy A Room for Romeo Brass in which she plays the titular character’s sister, Ladine.

Since starring as DI Kate Fleming in the cop drama her hair has progressively shortened as the search for H continues.

Kelly Macdonald

Kelly showed off her acting chops from the get go, bagging a role in Trainspotting in the early 90s.

She had a memorable role in the Scottish black comedy playing Diane Coulston, who Ewan McGregor's character has sex with without realising she's underaged.

As acting detective superintendent Joanne Davidson she certainly looks more clean cut nowadays and has grown her hair out.

And she’s swapped a school tie and blazer for a police uniform.

James Nesbitt

It seems being a criminal mastermind sends you grey, at least if you’re James Nesbitt.

The Northern Irish actor was certainly a bit of a heartthrob in his younger days when appearing in TV drama Boon in 1991.

His striking eyebrows have remained but his dark brown hair has faded to grey.

Owen Teale

Anyone could be forgiven for not recognising the young Owen Teale in the photograph above.

The Chief Constable Phillip Osbourne actor looks totally different with long locks and a beard as Will Scarlet in the 1991 Robin Hood flick.

Since signing up to play the cop in Line of Duty he’s gone clean shaven and grey.

And his spectacular curls have been straightened out too.

Shalom Brune-Franklin

New AC-12 addition Shalom hasn’t changed much since her first big role on TV.

She starred alongside Michelle Keegan in BBC1’s Our Girl in 2017.

Given it’s only been a few years since the role, she doesn’t look much different.

But it must be a nice change to trade a sweltering battlefield for an air conditioned police HQ.

Anna Maxwell Martin

You might hate Anna as Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael, but you have to be impressed at how little she’s aged since 2004.

The actress looks incredibly similar to how she did when she appeared in Enduring Love as Penny.

And in real life, stylish Anna looks nothing like the on-screen baddie she's played for the last two series.

Nigel Boyle

Nigel looks more dishevelled in his first TV appearance than he does as hapless DSU Ian Buckells.

Back in 2008 he appeared in Casualty as a ginger patient who apparently hadn’t been for a haircut in years.

Since joining the force, he’s tidied up a bit and his hair, which is darker, has been trimmed short.

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