The Real Reason We Never See Theresa Caputo's Kids on 'Long Island Medium' Anymore

There are plenty of TLC stars we love to watch, but Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is definitely a favorite. Her thick Long Island accent, big hair and nails, and special gift make her as endearing as they come — and that’s not even to mention her special gift. Theresa has claimed before that she can speak with dead spirits, and time and time again, she’s shocked the public by showcasing her special gift to those who make appointments with her (or even to those she meets randomly on the streets).

When the show first started, we got a glimpse into Theresa’s home life, which included time with her son, daughter, and husband. But family dynamics have since changed, as Theresa’s filed for divorce and her kids are all grown up. Here’s why we barely ever see her children on the show anymore.

Victoria now works in New York City at a hair salon

Victoria Caputo with Theresa Caputo | Victoria Caputo via Instagram

When Long Island Medium first began in 2011, Victoria Caputo was just 17 years old and still living under her parent’s roof. And while Theresa is still totally gung-ho about the series, both of her children are in their 20s and establishing lives of their own. Good Housekeeping notes Theresa said on the show more recently, “In all fairness, I mean, look our lives are all so different.” And in regards to her kids, she added, “You know, they’re growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria too.”

Not only does Victoria being out of the house make it difficult for her to stay on the show, but she’s been working hard on her career in hair and makeup. Life & Style notes in early 2017, Victoria wrote on Instagram that she would begin taking clients at Salon Entourage in Oyster Bay, and she also has her own business called Hair by Victoria Caputo.

It seems the fame of being on reality TV may have lost its luster for the young Caputo as well. Heavy notes she said while she was eating out or shopping in public that people would approach her — and not everyone had nice things to say about her family.

Larry Jr. graduated college back in 2012 and now has a totally new life of his own

Larry Caputo Jr. with Theresa Caputo and his girlfriend | Lawrence Caputo via Instagram

As for Larry Jr., Theresa noted that he had just graduated from college when the show started filming, so he’s been starting his adult life ever since. As for what he’s up to now, he also moved to the city, making it difficult to participate in any of the filming. And Heavy notes his LinkedIn profile states he works Madison Square Garden Networks as a manager of studio operations.

Aside from Larry Jr.’s professional life, he’s also got his hands full with his very serious relationship with girlfriend Leah Munch. Heavy reminds us there was talk on Long Island Medium about Larry potentially proposing to Leah — so if that’s in the works, planning a wedding is another commitment that would make appearances on the show even more difficult to attain.

Fans do miss Larry Jr.’s commentary on the show, however. We remember when he talked about how embarrassed he used to feel when his mother would approach strangers on the street because a spirit told her to do so.

Theresa and Larry’s divorce may also have something to do with it

Theresa and Larry Caputo from Long Island Medium | Theresa Caputo via Instagram

As for other reasons we don’t see much of Larry Jr. and Victoria on the show, the divorce of their parents may have something to do with it. Distractify notes Theresa has talked about her split from husband Larry and how it’s affected the entire family. “Especially with this, it’s uncomfortable and it’s hard for my kids,” she said. “They don’t want to even talk about it with me, period. They know that they can come to Larry and I, you know, if they ever want to talk about it. [We] kind of just left it in their hands.”

We’re willing to bet questions about the divorce arise when Larry Jr. and Victoria step on the set of the show, too. Perhaps when the dust settles we’ll see more of Theresa’s children in the future.

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