The Truth About The Bachelor’s Bri Springs

Tayshia Adams’ whirlwind season of The Bachelorette may have just wrapped, but Bachelor Nation has plenty more drama to look forward to. Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is scheduled to kick off on Jan. 4, 2021, and the promo already promises love, lust, scandal, heartbreak, and (lots of) tears. While we all know that drama is essential to the show’s long-running success, Matt’s season is notable for another reason: he is the franchise’s first Black Bachelor and the first reality TV newcomer to lead the franchise since 2009. ABC’s decision to pick Matt follows widespread criticism of The Bachelor‘s “white-washed” leads, hence why the upcoming season is rumored to feature its “most diverse cast ever,” per Entertainment Weekly. Looks like host Chris Harrison is taking his promise seriously when it comes to expanding diversity within the franchise!

And while Harrison may work hard, Reality Steve arguably works harder. In fact, the TV blogger already spilled the tea on who received Matt’s first impression rose! Based on social media activity and Reality Steve’s website commentary, fans can now deduce Matt’s final six contestants, one of whom is 24-year-old communications manager Bri Springs (per Parade). Though Bri’s Instagram may be private, we have got you covered. Keep reading for the full scoop on the woman who may win Matt’s heart!

Has Matt James found his match in Bri Springs?

According to PopSugar, Bri Springs is a communications manager at a high-profile social media company, and with her “professional life intact” (as her ABC bio explains), she is ready to put her personal life in the spotlight and meet the man of her dreams. Raised by a family of strong women, Bri is looking for a man who can challenge her and who harbors equally ambitious dreams — and as a real estate broker and entrepreneur, Matt James certainly fits the bill. Bri’s bio also says that she sees herself as the alpha in relationships, so Matt may have his hands full!

Though she’s a native Texan, Bri currently lives in San Francisco, Calif. (thanks, Reality Steve) and is an avid nature lover; ABC reports that it’s rare “she spends a weekend indoors and not outside hiking or hanging at the park and nearby beaches.” Her bio also tells us that her dream is to live in Kauai and revel in island life, and that she counts brunching among her favorite activities. (Who among us doesn’t love a yummy breakfast spread?) Whether or not Bri will be the lucky woman to win Matt’s heart, only time will tell.

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