'The Voice' Fans Furious at Adam Levine for Throwing His Own Contestant Under the Bus

Adam Levine basically turns his back on one of his own contestants to lobby for another who didn’t even perform.

There was controversy on "The Voice" Tuesday night after Adam Levine basically dismissed one of his own team members to lobby for another who couldn’t even sing, and fans are not having it.

The way eliminations work on "The Voice" at this stage is that the bottom three contestants must each perform again during the results show to try and earn the single "Instant Save" (vote) of the night, with only one of them getting it. The only problem was that one of those contestants, we were told by host Carson Daly, was too sick to perform.

Team Adam’s Reagan Strange was "under the weather," which meant she was all dolled up with hair and makeup, but in a very nicely pressed bathrobe backstage. Meanwhile, Team Blake’s Dave Fenley was able to perform again, alongside another of Adam’s contestants, DeAndre.

But it was after those performances that Adam earned the outrage machine that sent "The Voice" into the top trending topics on Twitter. That’s because the show made the unusual decision of still making Reagan available for saving, even though she didn’t perform.

They didn’t even replay her performance from the night before, so there was literally zero vocal performance to base an instant save on. After the guys performed, Blake Shelton did his job, shilling hard for his guy. Then Adam, who had the job of shilling for both of his contestants even if only one could be saved, basically ignored DeAndre to lobby for Reagan.

"There is an unbelievably talented little girl right now who is not able to fight for her position on this show," he said as DeAndre stood awkwardly on the stage in front of him. "I have two little girls at home. The thought of breaking [Reagan’s] heart by not urging everyone to give this girl a shot to redeem herself next week would be too far beneath me."

He continued, speaking to DeAndre directly, "I want you to know I love you. I appreciate what you did here tonight. Honestly, I think you should both be there. But I’ve got tonight for my girl. I have to fight for her properly, because she didn’t have a voice to fight tonight. That’s all I can say. It’s weird."

Kelly Clarkson decided she had to jump in after Adam basically said nothing about DeAndre, trying to defend her fellow coach while propping up the dejected contestant.

"I know Adam loves his team. He feels really bad for Reagan. DeAndre, you just sang the hell out of that song," she said. "I just wanted to say I know it’s so horrible that Reagan is not able to present herself. That’s where it’s coming from. He’s bummed for her."

Then Adam doubled down, by offering his condolences to DeAndre before the results were even revealed. "You have a lot of fans. Take those fans and build upon those fans and make a career for yourself, regardless of what the outcome is right now."

That doesn’t sound like someone who believes in his guy, and Twitter fans picked up on all that shade. As they saw it, Adam was totally throwing DeAndre under the bus in favor of Reagan. Admittedly, she probably has the better chance at winning if her performance on Apple streaming is any indication (number one for the past two weeks). Meanwhile, DeAndre was in the bottom for the second week in a row.

But while it might make sense strategically, it still played out way too cold for many viewers. In the end, Regan edged DeAndre out by one percentage point, 38 to 37, to score the save. Fans were so outraged, that #VoiceSaveDeAndre spent the evening trending way higher than #VoiceSaveReagan, with the latter even falling out of the Top 10.

And you can be that added fuel to the fire as DeAndre was sent home and Regan carries on. Check out some of the most impassioned responses below and then get ready for it all to happen again next week as four contestents will get the boot!

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