The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan pays tribute to co-star ‘Gutted to lose you’

The Walking Dead: Trailer for part 2 of the final season

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The Walking Dead made its highly anticipated return to AMC this month with the second part of its 11th and final season. Actress Lauren Cohan paid a heartfelt tribute to her co-star Callan McAuliffe who left the post-zombie apocalypse series.

Callan McAuliffe joined the long-running AMC horror series, as Alden in season eight as a survivor, who worked for the saviours before defecting to the Militia after an attack on the Hilltop Colony.

In the comeback episode, Alden became severely injured during a brutal battle with the Alexandrians and the Reapers.

Back in the third episode of season 11, Alden convinced Maggie to continue onto the Meridian without him.

But when she returned to the church where she left him in the episode titled ‘No Other Way,’ Alden had sadly been zombified.

In an off-screen battle, Alden had died after being attacked by a Reaper before becoming one himself.

While it was a tragic end for her friend, it was a common occurrence for Maggie, who had to say goodbye to many of her friends this way.

In the end, Maggie was forced to put an end to her zombified friend and then the grief-stricken survivor let out a ton of pent up emotion.

After the episode aired, the actress took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute and dedicate a post to her co-star Callan McAuliffe who said goodbye to his character Alden.

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Cohan shared a series of photos of the two during the final episode as well as a smiling behind the scenes snap.

In the caption, she wrote: “This photo sums up how [McAuliffe] made you feel. Callan, you made it easy to be gutted by losing Alden.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the episode. Always feels odd to say ‘enjoyed’ but you all know what I mean.

“Thank you to our crew who always brings it and is the backbone to this show so we can do what we do and [composer Bear McCreary], your score especially on this one.”

Fans also took to her comments to share their reaction to the Maggie and Alden final episode and say goodbye to McAuliffe.

Takifan commented: “Of course we enjoyed!!! Such a great episode like everyone with Maggie, waiting for more Maggie content already.”

Their co-star Angel Theory who played Kelly wrote: “You guys killed this scene, my eyes were leaking.”

While McAuliffe himself responded: “Was a privilege working with you, Lauren!”

During an interview with Insider, McAuliffe opened up about his final episode and admitted: “I lasted on the show much longer than I thought I was gonna.”

He added: “I’d kind of always been quietly anticipating that the call would come. I think, like a lot of the cast members on the show, I had [showrunner Angela Kang’s] number saved with a skull and crossbones on it.

“She’d actually called me a few times, that fear had been diluted over the years, when the time finally came, I was like, ‘Oh, I guess that seems about right.’ I had a good run.”

As Maggie has been forced to face yet another death of a loved one, most famously being her husband Glenn Rhee, fans will have to stay tuned to see how Alden’s death will affect her.

The Walking Dead season 11B continues every Sunday on AMC in the USA and on Disney+ every Monday in the UK.

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