The White Lotus: Rachel is NOT the victim as fans propose convincing new theory

The White Lotus: Murray Bartlett discusses rivalry with Shane

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HBO has been releasing yet another acclaimed new miniseries week-by-week, and speculation has already been flying thick and fast. With a new episode of The White Lotus releasing tonight, some viewers are convinced they’ve already cracked the show’s central mystery.

It’s safe to say most viewers assumed Alexandra Daddario’s Rachel Patton will eventually be revealed as the dead body being loaded into a plane at the start of The White Lotus’s first episode.

Rachel’s new husband Shane (played by Jake Lacy) kicked off the series by rudely dismissing some fellow travellers as he awaited his departure, apparently completely alone.

His entitled and obsessive behaviour throughout the proceeding episodes have led some to believe Shane and Rachel’s honeymoon came to a tragic end.

However, other perceptive viewers have been reading into the apparent themes of Mike White’s innovative new drama and proposed an alternative theory.

One fan took to Reddit to argue the White Lotus resort’s spa manager Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) could make more sense as the series’ eventual victim.

User Improvcommodore opined that Belinda’s unconventional relationship with resort guest Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) could lead to disaster.

As Belinda stands out as one of the only non-white members of the cast, her death would serve as a bleak final statement on the show’s themes of white privilege and capitalism.

They explained: “Tanya invites Belinda to dinner as her guest, and offers to financially support her in a business venture where she, too, can be a business owner and capitalist.”

“It is a mistake for Belinda to take this offer seriously. Rich white people have their fascinations with new play things, and toss them aside without a care in the world.

“I believe this will break Belinda when it happens to her in the end.”

Belinda seemed eager to take up Tanya’s offer, though the wistful hotel guest quickly abandoned her train of thought to strike up conversation with the Mossbacher family.

Tanya currently exemplifies the whims of the hotel’s rich, white guests, and her offer could play on Belinda’s mind to the extent that she snaps when her new friend fails to follow through.

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Once her dreams of escaping the hotel have been crushed, their upcoming altercation could result in a horrific accident.

With the spa manager dead, the theory went on to explain Rachel’s conspicuous absence at the start of the series.

Having travelled to Hawaii to enjoy their honeymoon, Rachel, a struggling freelance journalist, is offered a piece her husband Shane wants her to turn down.

This viewer speculated Rachel could see Belinda’s death as an opportunity to launch her journalistic career with the ‘true story’ of The White Lotus, thus protecting the resort’s potentially culpable clientele.

They continued: “The great horror of this show will be that the rich, white guests learn nothing and have no consequences.

“Nothing changes, the resort stays the same for the next batch of white vacationers, and all fill their roles as much as they ever have.”

The new miniseries reaches the halfway point this weekend, so viewers will have to tune in to see if this latest theory has hit the nail on the head or showrunner Mike White has more surprises in store.

The White Lotus continues Sundays on HBO.

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