The Yorkshire Vet star opens up on pressures of filming Channel 5 series

The Yorkshire Vet attends to a horse with Amanda

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The new series of The Yorkshire Vet has returned to Channel 5 and fans were delighted to see resident veterinarians Julian Norton and Peter Wright back on screens as they tended to animals in need at their practices in North Yorkshire. The duo, who have been a staple on the show since it began in 2015, have quickly become firm favourites with viewers. However, in recent weeks, three younger vets have featured on the reality series.

Veterinarians Shona Searson, David Melleney and Matthew Smith are all relatively new faces to the programme and throughout the current series, the trio have been appearing more.

However, in an exclusive interview with, the TV stars opened up about what it is like to film the Channel 5 series.

They went on to admit they were nervous about making their debut on the programme.

Speaking about getting used to having cameras following him around, Matthew began: “I think definitely to start with there was pressure, you know.”

He continued: “But then you get used to having the cameras around.

“It’s nice to have an extra pair of hands on the farm and there have been times where they’ve had to put their camera down and get stuck in.”

Discussing his experience, David went on to add that their first priority will always be the animals.

He explained: “The first priority is the animals and that hasn’t changed.”

He added: “It didn’t stress me out too much [the filming] as I would always put the animal first and the filming is happening in the background really.”

Speaking about making his debut on The Yorkshire Vet, David said at the time he didn’t even know they were filming.

“I went on a visit to Cannon Hall Farm which is a big open farm, and I didn’t know they were filming,” he admitted.

“I was just called into the vets and there was a calving going on, and they called me in for the calving.”

David recalled: “And then they said, ‘By the way can we film it?’ And I was like, ‘Okay let’s see what happens’.

 “And anyway, it went quite well and that’s where it started.”

Despite getting used to the cameras being around, Matthew did have concerns about taking part in the show.

He said: “I think one of the biggest and nerve-wracking things is because the show is so well established and when new characters come in and it’s like you’ve got a new favourite season that you’re watching, and suddenly new people arrive and you’re like, ‘Christ’.”

Shona explained she was also worried about featuring on The Yorkshire Vet because the show was already so well established and she wasn’t sure how fans would react to newcomers.

“I was really worried about whether they would be accepting of new faces,” she admitted.

In agreement, Matthew added: “We were not sure how the audience was going to react as they’re used to watching it and then suddenly there is a new face.

“And they’d be like, ‘I don’t know who these people are, are they going to be any good?’”

The Yorkshire Vet airs on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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