This Morning fans blast parents for ‘using’ influencer toddler to make money

This Morning fans reacted with shock when they saw parents discussing their young child, who has become an influencer at just one year old.

Stacey Woodhams started posting images of her son, Ralphie, on Instagram, and eventually brands started asking her to dress Ralphie in their clothes of sell their items, making him a famed influencer.

With more than 18,000 followers on Instagram, he could be earning millions from endorsement deals – sparking fans of the morning show to blast the parents for "using" their child to make money.

Stacey said to Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes: "It was a lovely idea of something we could do with him when he’s older… to show him memories of his childhood…

"We send our fee card to the brand and if it’s in their budget, some jobs are paid and some are gifted."

She continued: "It wasn’t an intentional thing for it to happen as it has, but I’ve found a niche with what I enjoy, taking photos… I just found I was really enjoying what I was doing for him because he was getting such great feedback from the companies we were supporting."

But Stacey then explained she has been able to help other businesses and parents use Instagram, which made a few people concerned their motives were for their own business rather than their son’s.

However, Stacey did specify that all the money foes into Ralphie’s saving account, or back into things he enjoys.

One viewer said: "Oh my that Dad stupid..its his decision on what he does!! Hes a small child lol These parents are loving the money #ThisMorning"

Another said: "#ThisMorning That kid doesn’t have parents, looks like a couple of agents. Exploit my child for gifts and cash."

A third added: "Imagine using your kid as a cash cow #Cantrelate #ThisMorning"

Another continued: "Basically using their child to make money! No I don’t agree at all.. #ThisMorning"

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