Tipping Point fans baffled as player shares unusual way to spend prize money

On Wednesday’s episode of Tipping Point fans were left baffled after winner Heidi admitted she would spend the prize money on an unusual idea.

Heidi, who beat Jak in a nail-biting sudden death battle, revealed she would spend the prize money on an ice-cream van.

Winning contestant, Heidi, admitted to always wanting an ice-cream van of her own saying she would fix one up and tour it around festivals.

Fans were left confused by the unusual choice, taking to Twitter to share their opinions.

One fan said: “A new ice cream van can cost upwards of £60,000, a five-year-old one averages about £12,000.”

Another fan replied: “That’s an awful lot of 99s.”

Most fans seems confused about how much an ice cream van costs with one asking: “How much is an ice cream van?"

Heidi’s win followed a close call sudden death after runner-up Jak failed to answer a question about how many days there were in May.

Many fans thought the episode would end with a draw, but Heidi managed to take the win after the edge of your seat sudden death.

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Not all fans were confused by Heidi’s choice of prize, however.

One said: “Ice cream van is the best plan I’ve heard on Tipping Point… better than the usual trip to Australia.”

Another said: “She wants an ice cream van, well that’s different!”

A third said: “Oh wow, an ice cream van! I hope she wins now!

Heidi went on to win £10,000 after a final set of questions, giving her the chance to make that ice cream van dream come true.

After her win, Ben Shephard joked that if she did get her ice cream van, she should call it "Whipping Point".

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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