Tipping Point viewers left fuming as Ben Shephard asks ‘easy’ foot question

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ITV viewers have slammed Tipping Point over an easy question, with some left completely perplexed with it.

During the second round of the game show, Phil, Mick and Elaine went head to head as they battled it out to get to the final, however, the cash builder was certainly something different.

When it came to Phil's round, the quiz enthusiast managed to rack up an impressive amount of counters to place into the machine, as well as securing a double supercar experience day.

However, the brainbox appeared to be stunned when he was asked one question in particular, that many have now hit out over.

Host Ben Shephard asked Phil, where on the body you would find the feet, to which he instantly responded: "Feet."

Taking to social media, one said: "The feet are at the end of which limbs? Seriously, ITV?."

While a second added: "The feet are at the end of what limbs, you have to be kidding me."

Before a third typed: "Where are your feet? Ffs."

A fourth sarcastically said: "Thought your feet were on the end of your nose Phil."

Unsurprisingly because of the easy question, Phil made it into the final round after nine counters dropped for him, meaning he went through with a grand total of £1,200.

However, it was not meant to be for Phil, who eventually lost out on a place in the final round after racking up an impressive £1350 but his sum was outnumbered by just £50, meaning Phil became the winner of the episode.

Mick revealed to Ben that should he win the ultimate prize of £10,000, he would be using his cash prize to jet out to Australia to visit friends.

However, his brains impressed viewers on social media with many saying that he was "too good" to appear on the popular game show.

"Mick has to have a chance of the jackpot here. He’s actually got some brain cells #TippingPoint," tweeted one.

While a second commented: "Mick is far too good for #TippingPoint."

"Mick ain't messing about. Strictly business #tippingpoint," wrote a third.

The brainbox eventually won a mystery prize during the final round meaning he was treated to a weekend away in a luxury Scottish golfing retreat.

At the end of the episode, Mick explained he was incredibly anxious just seconds before he won the final round, taking home £10,000 after putting just 13 counters into the machine.

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