Viacom’s UK Gender Pay Gap Balloons From 2.8% To 13.1% Over The Last Twelve Months

Viacom’s gender pay gap has ballooned in the UK over the last twelve months.

The U.S. media giant has posted a mean gender pay gap of 13.1% in favour of male employees. This is much higher than last year’s pay gap of 2.8%. The company’s median gender pay gap also increased from 9% to 13.4%, while bonus payments were 44.6% higher for men than women on a mean basis and 30.2% on a median basis.


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While this has increased significantly, it is still lower than the UK’s national mean gender pay gap of 17.1%.

The company did not reveal why its gender pay gap increased so significantly and it’s not clear whether certain male employees received particular pay rises or it includes figure from departed senior female execs.

The numbers concern more than 1,000 full and part-time staff. Only two of Viacom’s seven UK subsidiaries – Viacom International Media Networks UK and Channel 5– employ more than 250 people and are therefore required by law to publish annual data on gender pay, but Viacom publishes consolidated data for its entire UK workforce to offer a more complete picture of gender pay across its UK operations.

C5 has a mean gender pay gap of 14.6% and a median gender pay gap of 12.7%, which is up from 2.85% and 2% respectively. At VIMN, the mean gender pay gap was 13.8% and the median gender pay gap was 13.9%, up from 11.7% and 13.7% respectively.

James Currell, President, VIMN UK, Northern and Eastern Europe, said, “Whilst clearly this year’s numbers are tracking in the wrong direction, we are wholly committed to narrowing our gender pay gap and have implemented a number of new measures which we are confident will help us achieve gender parity over time.”

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