Victoria Beckham shares daughter Harper's note from Tooth Fairy as Nicola Peltz suggests wearing her teeth as a necklace

VICTORIA Beckham shared daughter Harper's sweet note from the Tooth Fairy on Instagram.

Posh Spice, 47, told her followers that her nine-year-old child's tooth had fallen out on Saturday.

In order to mark the occasion, Victoria shared the cute messages from the Tooth Fairy, which were all covered in love hearts.

The card read: "Dear Harper, Thank you for your beautiful tooth! Us fairies love you so much!"

There were also other adorable messages telling Harper about her postiive attributes.

They read: "Dear Harper, here are just a few reasons why everyone loves you. Harper is smart. Harper is kind. Harper is funny. Harper is sensitive."

The fashion mogul then asked her followers what they have done with their kids teeth when they fall out.

The mum-of-four – who parents Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 15 and Harper with husband David Beckham – admitted she has a whole bucket full of teeth at home.

She wrote: "Yet another tooth for my collection… does anyone else have this?!"

Her future daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz suggested she wear the teeth in a necklace.

Sharing her "favourite" response, the message read: "dip it gold and wear them on a necklace!"

Nicola has built a strong bond with her soon to be mother-in-law as she was gifted "get well soon" flowers by Victoria when she was struck down by a mystery illness.

The 26-year-old actress – who is engaged to Brooklyn – was thrilled to receive the white roses and sweet note, sharing a snap of both to her Instagram page.

The handwritten letter that arrived alongside the blooms read: "Dear Nicola, we love and miss you. Get well soon!!

"Sending lots of love and kisses!!"

Nicola gushed alongside the post: "I have the best family, I'm so lucky – thank you so much!"

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