Vine caller erupts in furious outburst at Dr Sarah Jarvis ‘Never forgave Boris for Brexit!

Jeremy Vine caller hits out at Sarah Jarvis over Brexit

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Boris Johnson has recently become embroiled in controversies surrounding the funding of his Downing Street flat revamp as well as allegations of sleaze. However, Jane from Lancashire phoned into The Jeremy Vine Show to call the row “a load of rubbish”. Jane scolded Dr Sarah Jarvis after she criticised Boris Johnson as someone who will give his “pals preferential treatment” over Government contracts.

She branded Dr Jarvis a “big Remainer” and accused her of being “out for the Government” after never forgiving him for taking the UK out of the EU.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP and broadcaster, told Jane: “I think it matters, Jane, because this tells me this is the sort of Government that will give its pals preferential treatment over PPE.

“PPE which is not fit for purpose and puts people who work at the NHS at great risk for their lives.”

Jane responded: “I am so sorry, I agree with a lot of what you say but this is a load of nonsense that you’re talking now.”

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She added: “Absolute nonsense. You are a Remainer, a big Remainer, and you are out for the Government.”

Host Jeremy Vine stepped in and hit back at Jane: “That is not true, she is giving evidence here, Jane.”

Dr Jarvis responded: “I’m an equal-opportunity critic. I’ve been very critical of the Labour Party too.”

However, Jane fired back: “Everybody in the country was so pleased that Boris got us through Brexit.

Boris Johnson insists he is 'focussed on stuff that matters'

“He did everything that democracy demands and you have never forgiven Boris for that.”

Despite the ongoing uproar surrounding the Prime Minister, it does not appear to have cut through to the voters ahead of May’s local elections.

The Conservatives have even extended their polling lead over Labour before the elections according to a recent YouGov poll for The Times.


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According to the latest poll, the Tories have an 11-point lead over Labour, with the Conservatives on 44 percent, the same as a week ago, with Labour down one point on 33.

Responding to the furore, Mr Johnson said on Thursday that he will comply with an inquiry into the funding of his Downing Street flat revamp.

He added: “I don’t think there is anything to see here or worry about.”

The PM insisted he was “focusing on the stuff that really matters”.

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