Virgin River season 4: Ricky and Lizzie split as fans spot worrying casting clue?

Alexandra Breckenridge dancing on the set of Virgin River season 4

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Season four of Netflix’s popular small town drama will introduce Denny (played by Kai Bradbury), the grandson of Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins (Tim Matheson). With the cast of Virgin River back in production this month, fans of the show have been compiling some worrying theories ahead of its return to screens next year. 

Bradbury will be joined by fellow Virgin River newcomer Mark Ghanimé for the highly anticipated fourth season. 

The rising star recently took to Instagram with a new behind-the-scenes video which exacerbated fans’ fears his on-screen grandfather Doc could be killed off. 

He said to the camera: “It’s my first day on season four of Virgin River, and I’m looking for Doc.”

The actor then pulled a worried face as it appeared Doc wasn’t in his usual office.

However, down in the comments of the new clip, some fans were concerned by other implications of Bradbury’s new addition. 

Certain fans have become convinced Denny could become a romantic rival for local teen Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey). 

Ricky quickly became interested in new arrival Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) when she moved to town in season two.

Despite their relationship, Ricky still dreams of one day leaving his life behind to become a Marine.

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With the introduction of Denny, viewers are now speculating Ricky could be granted his wish and depart the series for a new boyfriend for Lizzie to enter the picture.

Alternatively, both Ricky and Denny could be staying in town for the long haul and compete for the rebellious teen’s affections. 

User @delsey3181 said: “He will be some competition for Ricky with regards to Lizzie I reckon.”

And @jensansson speculated: “Maybe the writers let Ricky join the army and Denny and Lizzie will be a couple?”

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Ricky doesn’t seem to be heading out of town anytime soon as main cast member Gurnsey is confirmed to be returning for the fourth season.

He was spotted alongside Dugdale and a number of other series regulars in Alexandra Breckenridge’s recent video on Instagram. 

Over on Reddit, another fan was holding out hope for Lizzie and Ricky’s break-up to shake up the drama after a lacklustre third outing. 

User Laurinha_ posted: “Make Lizzie interesting again, she is good when she is not paired with Ricky.”

“I think they will set up Doc’s grandson as her next relationship, but I would rather see her exploring her own interests and making her way as a valuable community member.”

A brief separation could be the best way for Lizzie to find her own place in Virgin River.

Indeed, a recent tease for the next season on Instagram has revealed Lizzie stuck at work at Paige’s Bakery yet again, but fans believe she has much more potential. 

With another heartthrob coming to town next year, could Lizzie break things off with Ricky and eventually strike up a more meaningful relationship with Doc’s grandson down the line?

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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