Virgin River season 4 theory: Jack Sheridan’s babies in danger as fans predict dark twist?

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Virgin River fans are worried about Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) babies. It comes after watching several scenes with Charmaine’s new husband, Todd (Patrick Sabongui) where he demonstrates dominance and control over their relationship. Now, Netflix viewers are wondering whether a dark storyline arc will emerge in season four which will see the hairdresser become even more isolated and submissive. Will Charmaine and Jack’s babies be in danger? 

In one scene in season three, episode eight, Charmaine was attending an event with Todd when she was introduced to a real estate businessman. 

Thomas said to Charmaine: “So, I hear we’re going to be neighbours? Todd said you’re moving to Eureka?” 

Blindsided by the news, she replied: “He did? Sorry…” Before leaving to go and speak to her fiancé at the time. “Hey, so we’re moving to Eureka?” 

“Would you keep your voice down please?” Todd ordered and Charmaine asked: “What about your house in Clear River? I thought we’d agree to live there?” 

Todd argued “the house in Eureka is twice the size” as the one in Clear River but Charmaine said: “My life is in Clear River, my friends, the salon!” 

Netflix users saw Todd suggest: “So? You’ll make new friends and we’ll find you another salon to run if that’s still what you want to do with your time.” 

He then explained why he had changed his mind: “I have a feeling Jack is going to make our lives complicated – I figured once we moved to Eureka it would be out of sight out of mind.” 

“Jack’s not going to give up the twins because we moved to Eureka,” Charmaine said and he continued: “Maybe, not at first. 

“But if we make things difficult for him, I believe eventually he will just back down. And then we’ll have freedom to raise our family in whatever way we see fit. Okay? Love you. Got to catch up with them.” 

In the ninth episode, Charmaine told Jack about moving towns: “Todd decided that we’re moving to Eureka without consulting me.” 

“I don’t know what to do. I love him but everything always needs to be his way.” 

Jack diplomatically said: “Todd’s… got a strong personality. Relationships are tough… I always said I want you to be happy. 

“I thought I was,” Charmaine commented. “And now, I just don’t know. I don’t know what to do.” 

“Why don’t you just try talking to Todd, explain exactly how you feel and if he’s not willing to meet you halfway, find someone who will. You deserve that,” Jack suggested. 

But fans don’t think that Todd is a man to be reasoned with and this is just he start of him isolating Charmaine so the can have the perfect family without Jack being involved. 

Taking to Reddit, someone posted: “Charmaine S3 spoilers: Does anyone else get the vibe that this new lawyer husband is going to end up being super abusive?

“This new guy is really controlling and manipulative already. He seems to be trying to isolate her as well by deciding they’re moving to a town two hours away without consulting her. She seems conflicted at times, and it’s the only time I truly feel bad for her. I think it’s going to come out that after the babies arrive that he starts hitting her. Anyone else get that feeling?” 

Someone replied: “He’s isolating her by making them move to a different town where she has no friends or livelihood, dictating what is going to happen with her kids and their relationship to their biological father (Jack), makes her get rid of her dog, it goes on and on. He wants her to be dependent on him so he can control everything. 

“The guy is a classic abuser and they’re in the love bombing phase right now – things are moving too fast, he’s lavishing money on her and she’s feeling like she owes it to him to go along with what he wants. The next phases are going to get uglier.” 

Another commented: “I just don’t get why he would want to adopt the babies. Also if he does turn out to be abusive, a storyline heavily leaned into, then I imagine Charmaine will leave him at the end of one episode and be A ok by the next such is the way storylines go.” 

“She’s emotionally and financially super vulnerable. If he adopts the twins then he would legally be their father, and it makes it even harder for her to leave him when he does turn super sh**ty,” one fan suggested. “I doubt it has anything to do with him wanting kids. I think he wants her and he’s doing anything he can to make it very hard for her to get away.” 

Someone else wondered: “I feel like in a turn of events Jack’s gonna somehow have to save her and show that he really does care about her.” 

“Yes. The clincher for me was the dog. Charmaine loves Tucker and was clearly upset when she gave him to Jack. The writers made a point of Charmaine telling Jack, and us, that Todd is not allergic. Insisting she give away an animal, which has been a kind of emotional support for her, when it isn’t necessary looks just mean. I took it as a sign post of where the story is going,” another mentioned. 

Virgin River seasons one to three are available to watch on Netflix now. 

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