Waterloo Road star ditched fame and ‘sacrificed Oscars’ to talk to dead instead

An actress who starred in British favourites Waterloo Road and Footballers’ Wives has given up her glitzy career – to talk to the dead instead.

The drastic change is a far cry from Sofia Hayat’s old life – where she partied with Leonardo DiCaprio, occasionally took cocaine and slept with high profile men.

But the ex-actress, once nominated as one of the sexiest women in the world, now describes herself as a high priestess with special powers.

And London based Sofia, who has since removed her breast implants, has no regrets about ditching fame.

She told the Daily Star: “I made a choice, become a super famous actress or save people’s lives.

“Do I miss the glitz and glam? I don’t think I could do it any more in the sense that it doesn’t mean anything.

“I see my other friends doing really well in the industry and sometimes I think that could be me but I know one day I will die and I would rather have helped somebody than be on a red carpet or win an Oscar.

“I thought the best case scenario as an actress was to have a private jet, marry Brad Pitt, get some beautiful children and have a big house on the beach – or I could save lives.

“So it was a no brainer and I stopped acting.”

Now, instead of performing on TV, Sofia claims she can talk to the dead.

She first realised this power after one of her neighbours took his own life after jumping from a window in Battersea, London.

Sofia was there to comfort the boy’s parents immediately after the tragedy.

Then, three days later, she recalls hearing a voice.

Sofia explained: “I was sitting in my lounge and I just heard a voice in my head saying ‘go and knock on their door’.

“Eventually the voice became too much and I went and knocked and the mum opened up and I said I didn’t know what I was doing there but I needed to be in the room that her son jumped from.

“She let me in and as soon as I was in there I started to get information. The voice was saying ‘he didn’t die because of you, it was because of university and he loves you so much and you’re a silly mummy’.

“Then she burst out laughing and she said he called her a silly mummy all the time.”

Sofia continued: “Three weeks later forensics confirmed that the boy got an email from university saying he had failed his exams and couldn’t retake them. He jumped three minutes after the email.

“I was in shock because I didn’t know what was going on with me.”

The British-Indian model later went to a retreat where she drank Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic tea.

Her father, who she hadn’t spoken to in 15 years, died before the ceremony started.

And days later, Sofia said her dad’s “soul took over my body” and began talking through her.

And she said the bizarre experience enlightened her on what happens when we die.

She explained: “I know exactly what happens, all the things you did to hurt somebody else, you will feel them as if it is happening to you.”

Sofia, who has not had sex in two years, soon started offering the gift of talking to the dead as a service.

And she said one of the most profound experiences was with a celebrity friend.

By that point, Sofia had become a nun and had removed her breast implants.

She said: “This celebrity came to see me and we were just chatting and I said that her dad was here if she wanted to talk to him but she said no.

“The dad was insistent and I told her I thought it was in her best interest to talk to him.

“He came through then and he was crying, it looked like I was crying but it was the dad. He was saying he was her father and ‘she was only five and he shouldn’t have done it’ and he was crying.”

She continued: “Basically, he raped her when she was five and I didn’t know any of this. He was saying she didn’t deserve it and he wasn’t well.

“She was replying to say he had ruined every single relationship she’s ever had with a man.

“The father said he didn’t get to be her father in the physical world and he asked to be her father in the spiritual world. She asked how and he said if anyone who has bad intentions towards her he will take all of it away from them and she agreed.

“Two weeks later she called me up and said all her life she’s never loved her dad after what he did but she now feels his protection.”

Sofia, who said she can also see angels who warn her if somebody will soon die, now works as a spiritual healer and her clients include Forbes listed billionaires, members of royal families as well as the general public.

She said: “I never knew I would be a healer and I never planned for any of this.

“But I now value life so much more and I want people to value their own life too instead of thinking they need to get married, fall in love, have a house, have this career, be a footballer etc.

“If I said to you tomorrow you have 10 days to live what would you do? Why wouldn’t you do them now because you don’t know if you have those days.

“That’s now what I’m doing.”

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