Who is Mike on Masterchef 2021?

MASTERCHEF 2021 is coming to an end and finalist Mike Tomkins is eyeing the top spot. 

Here's what we know about the senior sales executive. 

Who is Mike on MasterChef 2021?

The 27-year-old foodie works as a Telecom sales manager in Surrey.

Mike’s pan-roasted partridge dish wowed judges, securing his place in the grand finale.

Despite his cauliflower cheese puree falling flat, he still managed to impress.

Greg Wallace said: “It’s a real shame you’ve put too much salt.

“Your partridge breast, I find perfectly soft.” 

Fellow judge John Torode went on to label his dish a “revelation". 

Mike’s Instagram page, @thenotecook, boasts a love for cooking, showing off dishes ranging from roasted duck breast to chickpea curry. 

His Instagram bio displays his knack for “Traditional Italian food, experimenting with some modern twists” and his style takes influence from his mum’s roots. 

Born near Naples, Italy, she moved to Old Woking with her husband, passing down the culinary skills that Mike’s grandmother, or “nonna”, had previously given her. 

Mike claims he fell in love with cooking during his time at university.

As a student at Bournemouth, he regularly cooked for friends. "I spent pretty much all my student loan on food," the finalist said.

What has Mike said about being on MasterChef? 

Mike said during the last challenge of the semi-finals: “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of winning it.

“As it’s gone on and on, I’m just more and more determined to get there.”

The ambitious contestant told Surrey Live about his enjoyment cooking for professional judges, Gregg Wallace & John Torode. 

"Really nice blokes," he said. 

"It surprised me how nice they were and how much they put you at ease. 

“They are very genuine."

Speaking on why he chose to be a part of the gruelling Masterchef competition, Mike said: “I did want to see how good I was and if I have the potential to follow it as a career.

“But whatever happens in MasterChef, it [cooking] will always be a part of our life. 

“Our family life literally revolves around food so I could never change that even if I wanted to”. 

When is MasterChef next on TV and how can I watch it?

The next episode of finals' week airs tonight on April 8, 2021 at 9pm. 

The show, currently in its 17th season, airs on BBC One. 

The finale will be airing on April 9.

You can also catch the show on BBC iPlayer if you miss any episodes.

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