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DUSTIN Diamond will forever be known for playing Screech in Saved By The Bell.

However, since the show ended his life has changed dramatically and even includes a spell in prison.

Who is Dustin Diamond?

Dustin was born January 7, 1977, in San Jose, California.

He is an American actor, who of course is known for starring in Saved By The Bell.

After the show ended Dustin turned his hand to reality TV.

He is also a stand-up comedian.

How long did Dustin play Screech in Saved By The Bell?

Dustin became a household name playing nerdy Samuel "Screech" Powers in NBC's hit kids' TV show Saved by the Bell.

The show ran from 1989 (when it was known as Good Morning, Bliss) to 1993.

Dustin also starred in its spin-offs Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1994) and Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1994-2000).

So in all, Dustin played Screech for around 11 years.

What other TV shows has he appeared on?

Dustin has appeared on several reality and game shows.

This includes Celebrity Big Brother, The Weakest Link and Celebrity Fit Club.

He also appeared on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling and Celebrity Boxing 2.

Is Dustin Diamond appearing in the reboot?

Dustin will not be appearing in the Saved By The Bell 2020 reboot.

The actor has ruffled some feathers with his former co-stars over the years.

In 2016 he apologised for unflattering revelations in his 2009 tell-all autobiography Behind the Bell, a book he now says was largely fabricated by a ghostwriter.

Among the claims were that Mark-Paul Gosselar used steroids and that various cast members had sex with each other.

Where is Dustin Diamond now?

Dustin currently lives in Post Washington, Wisconsin, from where he continues to practice stand-up

But after the show ended, unlike many of co-stars, actor Dustin Diamond failed to continue a career as an actor.

In 2006 he famously directed and starred in a porn video, which saw him have sex with two women.

Then in December of 2014, Dustin was arrested in Wisconsin for possession of a switchblade knife, which he was alleged to have pulled on a man during a bar altercation.

In May 2015, Dustin was convicted on two misdemeanours: carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

In June 2015, the actor was sentenced to four months in prison.

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