Yes, There's A Scripted Tiger King Series In Development

If you’ve already binged Netflix’s bizarre, “off the rails” series Tiger King, don’t worry. There’s still more to come.

The docu-series, which spans seven episodes, is one of the strangest stories to hit the streaming platform, and it follows the true story of a man who goes by the name of Joe Exotic. He’s a tiger breeder who ran an exotic animal park in Oklahoma, and every facet of his out-there life is explored in the series, including his feud with animal rights activist Carole Baskin. The entirety of the story is filled with some of the strangest twists and turns you’ll have ever followed, eventually culminating in a decidedly wild climax that you’ll never see coming.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there, though. Variety has confirmed that Universal Content Productions is hard at work on a TV series based on the stage story, with Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon tapped to take on the role of Baskin. There’s not been an announcement just yet for who might play Joe.

Tiger King may very well be one of the oddest journeys you’ll take on a binge-watching odyssey one evening, so if this sounds even the least bit intriguing to you, you should go ahead and dive in.

The series is currently in the earliest stages of production and isn’t planned for any specific network or streaming platform just yet. However, the simple fact that it exists alone is really enough to get fans who have seen the entire documentary excited about what’s to come. If you’re still practicing social distancing (as we all well should be), we can hardly think of a better way to spend your day if you need a little something out of the ordinary to watch. Then we’ll all do it again once this new series debuts.

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