You didnt plan properly! Williamson shamed as A Level students admit fears of future

A-levels: Jon Kay gives Gavin Williamson a 'fail' for planning

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Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has been shamed by critics, who call his handling of A-Level education “a complete disaster”. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Williamson defended the Government and his own record as he was confronted about the concerns students have expressed about their future. BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay challenged the Tory frontbencher about his conduct during the pandemic, suggesting his department had “failed” to set out a successful plan to support pupils.

Mr Williamson said: “Well actually, sadly that report was both inaccurate and it was misleading because we had already undergone sort of contingency planning, all the way through that Autumn term in the run up to Christmas.


I’m sorry the point that report made was in the Autumn, it was far too late to be doing that to be making those changes.”

The Institute of Government came out with a report previously which accused the Education Secretary of “failing” the students due to a lack of planning and that he would be getting a fail today.

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