Adopted man marries his mom’s biological daughter in wild wedding mix-up

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Letters to the Editor — March 21, 2021

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A Chinese woman gained more than a daughter-in-law at her son’s wedding last month — when she discovered the bride was actually her biological child.

The woman noticed for the first time at the March 31 wedding that her son’s bride had a distinctive birthmark on one of her hands — just like the child she gave up for adoption years ago, the Oriental Daily reported.

The stunned woman turned to the bride’s parents and asked, “Did you by any chance adopt your daughter?’’ the outlet said.

The bride’s parents responded yes — revealing a secret they had kept from everyone for more than 20 years: They had found their daughter on the side of the road.

Tears and hugs followed all around at the nuptials in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The ceremony was allowed to go on — even though the bride’s biological mother also was the mom of the groom.

That’s because the groom’s mother had actually adopted her son as a baby after giving up her daughter, so the love pair are biologically unrelated.

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