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Amber Rudd could scrap rules that force dying people into check-ups to get benefits – The Sun

WORK and Pensions boss Amber Rudd could rip up rules which force dying people to go for check-ups to claim benefits.

Ms Rudd plans to act follow her witnessing of ex-hubby food critic AA Gill’s painful final months with cancer in 2016.

Terminally-ill people with more than six months to live currently face assessments to get their cash.

They are also not entitled to have their benefits fast-tracked – meaning it takes them around a month to get paid.

Ms Rudd, who had two children with Mr Gill, said: “Having a life-limiting illness or severe condition can cause unimaginable suffering for the patient and loved ones.

“Having seen it in my own family I know that the last thing you need is additional financial pressures or unnecessary assessments.

“I want people to have confidence in what we do at the DWP and no one should be suffering unnecessary hardship at this especially difficult time.”

Charities have torn into the current benefits system, saying it is inhumane to haul dying people in for assessments.

Matthew Reed, of Marie Curie, welcomed her review of the rule — which has been in place for over 20 years — but warned action must follow.

He said: “People should not have to wait until a clinician thinks they only have six months left to live.”

Ms Rudd could be axed from Cabinet when the new Tory leader is announced.

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