Andy King sues NYC after getting kicked out of City Council for ethics violations

Disgraced former Bronx city councilman Andy King wasted no time filing a suit against the city Monday after he was booted from the legislative body over ethics violations earlier Monday.

In the Manhattan federal court suit, King argued he’d been discriminated against based on his race by his fellow legislators who voted to expel him from the council by a vote of 48-2 on Monday.

“Plaintiff is the first in the history of the New York City Council to be expelled without a separate concurrent criminal conviction,” King wrote in the suit.

“The employment actions have never been taken in modern history against a non-African American legislator, and were unlawful,” the suit adds.

He added that he’d been given a “black mark” or “black ball” on the council after facing repeated ethics violations that included sexual harassment and a kickback scheme — but never faced criminal charges for the allegations.

King was expelled from the council after a third set of ethics charges were brought against him last week by the Committee on Standards and Ethics.

The members of the committee concluded King should be kicked out of the chamber because he allegedly ran a kickback scheme that netted him some $2,000 and harassed a staffer.

King had been sanctioned by the Ethics Committee previously, including in 2018 for paying “unwanted attention” to a female staffer.

The committee ordered him to take a sensitivity course after the allegation.

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