Angela Rayner wrecks bid to rebrand Labour as they were 'too cautious under Corbyn'

ANGELA Rayner has wrecked bids to rebrand the Labour party — by claiming it was too cautious under Corbyn.

The outspoken deputy leader said the hard-Left team who lost the last election “weren’t bold enough”.

Her remarks are a blow to her boss Sir Keir Starmer in his bid to convince voters the party is “under new management”.

Ms Rayner claimed former shadow chancellor John McDonnell, appointed by then leader Jeremy Corbyn, was over-timid with his tax and spend policies.

She told Young Labour activists: “The situation we’re in now has really reset everything. We’ve got to have a different economic plan. I mean, John McDonnell wasn’t bold enough compared to what we need to do.”

Mr McDonnell drew up a disastrous economic policy for the country which was overwhelmingly rejected by voters at the last election.

It included a four-day week for all workers, writing off all outstanding student loans and the return of sympathy strikes.

He also wanted a massive state spending spree based on increasing taxes on the top ten per cent of earners.

Tory MPs yesterday seized on her remarks to claim Sir Keir has done nothing to modernise the party during his year in charge.

Anthony Browne said: “They are desperately trying to keep it hidden from voters, but in reality, hard-Left ideology is still rampant in the Labour Party.

“The deputy leader wants economic policies more extreme than the former shadow Chancellor — a self-declared Marxist.”

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