Arkansas woman causes courthouse evacuation by claiming coronavirus

An Arkansas woman sent a courtroom into chaos by claiming she came down with the coronavirus — and is now facing criminal charges, according to a report.

Celia Hill, 34, was appearing on drug charges in Mayflower District Court on Wednesday when she allegedly said she suspected that she had the deadly illness, news station KATV reported.

She claimed she had recently traveled, had contact with an infected patient and now had a 102-degree fever, the outlet reported.

The entire courthouse was swiftly evacuated by authorities and Hill was taken out on a stretcher to an ambulance, the outlet said.

“People were running. There were no walkers,” one witness told the KATV.

She was brought to a local hospital, where she tested negative for the virus, officials said

“As far as we can tell, she lied about having the coronavirus,” David Hogue, Mayflower’s city attorney, told the outlet.

The episode led to more charges against Hill for filing a false report, obstructing governmental operations and contempt of court.

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