Armed man impersonating National Guard arrested in Los Angeles

A California man armed with two guns, including an assault rifle, tried to pose as a member of the National Guard in Los Angeles, police said.

Gregory Wong, 31, was arrested early Tuesday by Los Angeles cops after he was confronted by genuine National Guard troops, police told the Los Angeles Times. He was arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of an assault weapon near a City Hall protest, the newspaper reports.

Wong, who is reportedly a former member of the National Guard, was confronted after Guardsmen spotted decals on his uniform that were incorrect.

He had a night scope on his helmet, as well as the correct sidearm and a rifle, but the patches he donned didn’t match his purported length of service, a source told the newspaper.

Wong was earlier spotted hopping out of an Uber ride prior to his arrest, the Times reports. He even then fell into formation with real National Guard troops, sources told KABC.

At least 4,500 National Guard troops have been mobilized across California amid ongoing protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s May 25 death in police custody in Minneapolis.

Wong is a former member of the National Guard, sources told the station. The assault rifle in his possession was a “ghost gun” that did not have a serial number, KABC also reports.

The Gardena man, who reportedly remained in custody Tuesday on $50,000 bond, told investigators he was heading to downtown Los Angeles to help with security at a friend’s establishment, police said. It is unclear why he was wearing the outfit.

“While investigators are still looking into the incident, at this time it does not appear that Mr. Wong intended to harm anyone,” LAPD Officer Drake Madison said.

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