AstraZeneca has been vilified and scapegoated by the EU's incompetent, jab-nabbing weasels

Vaccine pirates

EVEN we had no idea of the true scale of the EU’s scandalous and illegal attempts to steal British vaccines.

We now know that not only did our Government sign a watertight contract for 100million doses from AstraZeneca months before Brussels signed their far weaker and woollier deal.

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But UK taxpayers poured £21million into the Dutch factory at the centre of the dispute — while the EU refused to chip in a single euro.

The Oxford jabs team warned the Dutch government of supply shortages without an £8.5million injection to scale up production.

The Dutch said No.

So the EU paid nothing, signed an ambiguous contract too late, then trashed AstraZeneca’s vaccine and blamed ­Britain to cover up its own failures.

Ultimately it then decided just to help itself to jabs paid for by Brits.

There are a few words for that . . . “piracy” is one.

But let us be even more blunt.

AstraZeneca is blameless.

It should be feted for saving countless lives.

Instead it has been vilified and scapegoated by the EU’s incompetent, jab-nabbing weasels.

That should embarrass every EU citizen — and all those still oddly convinced the Brussels club is a force for good.

It self-evidently and indisputably is not.

‘Helpful’ Harry

WE like new Help For Heroes patron JJ Chalmers.

Not least because he sticks by his mates.

But the Strictly star is naïve about Prince Harry — and his belief that the runaway former Royal will continue to “serve” Britain for ever.

Harry has picked a different path.

He served the UK admirably once.

He’s not doing so enriching himself with Netflix and frolicking on Californian beaches.

Nor by smearing our Royal Family and baselessly accusing Britain of being a bigoted, brainwashed country which drove out his wife.

In fact the damage he and Meghan did to our nation’s global reputation in that one spiteful and ­reckless TV interview was immense.

If Harry truly intends to serve Britain, let’s see him do so.

It would take years of dutiful slog to make amends for the Oprah debacle.

Bonkers, Boris

HANG on a minute, PM.

It is potty to say two fully vaccinated people cannot meet indoors because the jabs don’t give “100 per cent protection”.

You could argue that for ever.

Including when pubs reopen and we are told to produce a Government-mandated “passport” proving our vaccinations.

If Boris wants the doubly-jabbed to hold off mixing until May 17 — when most of us will be able to under his lockdown “roadmap” — well, OK (though don’t be surprised if some won’t wait).

Just don’t tell them it’s too risky.

That’s taking them for fools.

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