Astrologer OSCAR CAINER: Stars of 2021 say we can dare to dream again

Astrologer OSCAR CAINER: After a terrible year, rejoice! Stars of 2021 say we can dare to dream again

Get the bells out! Rejoice! 2021 brings the breakthroughs we’ve been waiting for and a welcome return to the lifestyles we enjoy.

They say hindsight is 20-20 and, as this miserable year moves into the rearview mirror, we can begin looking forwards again.

After a proper annus horribilis, a spectacular event I’ve dubbed the Arc of Aquarius will shine over 2021, bringing brilliant flashes of innovation and the renewal of hope.

So, what is the Arc of Aquarius? It is a series of celestial events we haven’t experienced for decades: starting with a ‘stellium’, where a remarkable gathering of planets converges in Aquarius in February.

As well as this, Aquarius’s modern and traditional rulers, Uranus and Saturn, will lock in a year-long dance, meaning breakthroughs are high on the cosmic agenda — making plenty of reasons to expect exciting changes and opportunities in 2021.

After a proper annus horribilis, a spectacular event I’ve dubbed the Arc of Aquarius will shine over 2021, bringing brilliant flashes of innovation and the renewal of hope

Indeed, with Aquarian themes dominating the next year, we won’t be held back by convention. The cosmos is in our corner in 2021, encouraging us to make better, longer-lasting choices that will improve all our interactions — especially in love and romance.

That’s not to say we can simply return to pre-pandemic life. But 2021 brings the tools to build a new, bright future. When the Solar Eclipse arrives in June, we may not be virus-free, but society will be so much better equipped to deal with the consequences, we’ll dare to dream again.

Aquarius might not be the most emotionally expressive sign, but lockdowns have reminded us all of our need for human contact.

Of course, lockdown restrictions won’t disappear overnight. Some emotional challenges will take time to heal. But in 2021, relationships needn’t be Covid casualties or collateral damage.

The auspicious Arc highlights opportunities for love to blossom. Established partnerships will find fresh ways to have fruitful fun, and anyone looking for love should be ready for exciting encounters in the most surprising places.

Here, OSCAR CAINER takes a closer look at what 2021 has in store for love and relationships.


(March 21 – April 20)

No one finds collaborating, co-operating or co-existing particularly easy. With the best of intentions, situations arise that test our resolve.

Sometimes, defence mechanisms kick in. Before we know it, we’ve created self-protective barriers that stop us realising our relationship potential.

Yet no one’s an island. And although independence is an important aspect of your personality, it takes teamwork to feel really connected. You’re as in need of that as anyone!

In 2021 you can change an unrealistic expectation about your heart’s desires. January’s Full Moon encourages you to take a risk that will make you feel emotionally much more secure.


(April 21 – May 21)

Since Venus, your ruler, brings love and abundance into the cosmos, you have an intuitive understanding of your inner strengths and virtues. 

This will grow in 2021, and your breakthrough comes from the realisation that you don’t need confirmation of your attributes.

The Arc of Aquarius brings reminders you’re good enough, and can be loved, just for being you. 

As you realise you no longer need to emphasise qualities you consider most desirable, you’ll become even more attractive to someone who sees and values the more subtle aspects of your nature.

As Venus creates another ‘stellium’ planetary conjunction with Mercury and Uranus in April, you’ll understand that exaggerating the qualities you think people want you to have inadvertently hides the true you.

The Arc of Aquarius, which shapes 2021, signals less stress and more satisfaction in your key relationships. Your love life will gently blossom in unimaginably delightful ways.


(May 22 – June 22)

Relationships are complex; the more we think about them, the more complicated they become. And, emotional minefields are challenging for anyone to navigate without getting hurt.

Surely, with all your experience, you’ve learned the techniques to be able to make good choices and find a clever way through? Think of the Full Moon, in January, as your passing out ceremony!

2021’s the year when you get to put your knowledge into practice and enjoy the fruits of your learning.

You are no longer going to have to focus your agile mind on trying to work out what to do in order to attract the attention you desire. What unfolds, will unfold naturally. What’s more, by your birthday, you’ll have the confidence to be able to know when something (or someone) is ‘right’.

2021’s the year when love comes more easily into your life than you dare imagine.

It won’t be perfect, of course . . . nothing is. Yet your prospects of success are very high indeed.


(June 23 – July 23)

Once upon a time, your dreams of romantic bliss involved visions of castles and happy-ever-after endings. 

But, like everyone else, experience taught you to put those ideals to one side, and make the best of whatever life throws at you. Yet every once in a while, you allow yourself to dream.

The Full Moon, in January, brings an experience that reminds you true love is a consequence of emotional affinity; and the deepest bonds are forged over time rather than seemingly haphazard encounters.

By August’s astrological Blue Moon, you’ll appreciate valuable friendships are often forged in the fires of dispute and diversity.

A relationship that’s gone through a struggle will turn out to be rewarding and enduring as a deep level of trust develops. 2021’s Arc of Aquarius has treats in store. 

However you define fairy tales and magic, the ambitious dreams you’ve long set aside won’t stay tucked away in your imagination.

The deeper into 2021 you get, the more deeply someone special will ‘get into you’. It looks very promising.


(July 24 – August 23)

You’re a charismatic Leo. You were born with a magnetism that attracts people to you.

Yet you can’t help but wonder if your admirers are the type of folk you actually want to be admired by.

You’re discerning and perceptive. You also tend to raise the bar so high it’s almost impossible for anyone to jump over it.

This year, the Great Conjunction enables you to reassess your exceptionally high standards and allow yourself a broader vista.

As your own levels of compassion and kindness are intensified, so you come to value those qualities in the people around you.

By the Solar Eclipse in June, you’ll have successfully relaxed some of your control mechanisms, enabling you to be more receptive to love and friendships.

It also makes it easier for other people to love you!

Throughout 2021, the feeling of contentment will grow. This will encourage you to address your deep-seated need for achievement, and focus on satisfying, meaningful relationships.


(August 24 – September 23)

Virgos often find it easier to give than to receive. It’s as if you don’t think you’re worth as much as other people, and suspect that anyone who tells you they love you doesn’t know the real you.

Maybe you even fear they’d run away if you showed the pricklier sides of your character. 

You’re a perfectionist; but you judge yourself more harshly than you judge anyone else.

The January Full Moon reminds you no one’s perfect, and enables you to let go of the impossibly high standards you set yourself, and share the more vulnerable aspects of your personality.

June’s Solar Eclipse heralds a new way of thinking and being. Your self-questioning, critical inner voice will be calmer and quieter.

As you stop doubting your decisions, you’ll allow your relationships room to flourish.

Miscommunication issues will be easier to spot and address; and new beginnings, even within old friendships, will enable both parties to change and develop in encouraging ways.


(September 24 – October 23)

It’s only in storybooks that bad fairies cast spells over people to prevent them experiencing true love.

Yet, in your imagination, you’re not averse to such thoughts.

Since you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you have an extra-sensitive radar when it comes to relationships; and you want yours to be the best. 

But the risk is that you tend to dismiss ordinary happiness, because you want a fairy tale version.

The good news is that 2021 starts with a promise of harmony as you embrace a more meaningful experience by developing close yet pragmatic, interpersonal relationships.

The Arc of Aquarius reminds you we’re all unique. You are you. And everyone else is everyone else!

Your sense of self-judgment will soften, and you’ll be more able to see the magical qualities in other people. As you recognise their inner prince or princess, they’ll see yours.


(October 24 – November 22)

Relationships are like mirrors; they reflect our expectations and our approach to life.

We tend to put on our ‘best look’ when we know we’re going to see our reflection, but in 2021, as your journey of self-discovery continues, you’ll start seeing yourself, and the key people in your life, through a different lens.

The January Full Moon enables you to polish the way you express your most heartfelt desires. 

This enables someone to respond more enthusiastically to you, making the relationship you’ve been longing for more likely.

By the Solar Eclipse in June, your willingness to compromise and co-operate will significantly improve your romantic outlook.

By the end of the year, the changes you’ve implemented will provide the platform to build a new kind of partnership.

There’ll be times when you have to work to protect your personal space. But you’ll find new ways of being with people you care about, which prove extremely rewarding.


(November 23 – December 21)

So, if you want to bring a deep sense of love and emotional connection into your life in 2021, what do you need to do? Actually . . . not much! In fact, the harder you try, the greater chance you’ll complicate something that should be simple.

By being your Sagittarian self, and letting go of any desire to manipulate situations to meet your needs, you’re much more likely to benefit from the encouraging cosmic climate.

The January Full Moon brings an opportunity to deepen an important connection by communicating your feelings, and gently adapting your behaviour.

By the June Solar Eclipse, you’re fully embracing your hopes, and self-doubt and nervousness have dissipated.

A relationship can be rebooted as you find yourself more willing to communicate your desire to explore life with someone you care about. 

An unexpected relationship holds the potential to become much more meaningful.

As you connect with people on a deeper level, the bonds of your relationships will grow stronger, and you’ll find the courage to back up your hopes with actions that speak louder than words.


(December 22 – January 20)

Just because the astrological textbooks don’t list ‘romantic’ as one of your main characteristics doesn’t mean you’re not as emotional as others.

Capricorns are just better at disguising their feelings.

This year, your ability to distinguish between your desires and those of others enables you to break down self-protective barriers and create a comfortable space where a merging of two souls can take place.

Your sensitive inner radar enables you to reveal your emotions. Like a dancer who’s found a good partner, you can spin with flair and skill on the emotional dance floor.

A series of links between Saturn and Uranus punctuates 2021, enabling you to focus on the needs of other people. Shared emotional investments are key to relationship success.

By the final Saturn/Uranus link in December, you’ll be free to liberate yourself from tired friendships and groups, and focus on making healthy relationships flourish.


(January 21 – February 19)

Fans of rom-com movies often think we need to find the perfect partner before we can have a perfect relationship. 

Disagreements, and real-life stresses and strains are rarely accurately depicted.

As the Arc of Aquarius dominates 2021’s skies, freedom from unrealistic expectations enables you to appreciate the reality of healthy, honest relationships.

In 2021, your quirky attitude is exactly what’s required; you’ll be appreciated for who you are. Your qualities and natural independence make you more attractive.

And not only does the Arc of Aquarius empower you, but a series of Saturn/Uranus links encourage a new sense of optimism. 

Your love life won’t fit into a conventional box, but you’ll discover a sense of contentment that you can share with someone special.

You’ll leave past dissatisfactions behind as you appreciate the benefits of sharing and caring.

2021 encourages you to pursue your dreams rather than do what you think you ‘ought’ to do. It’s time to focus on being happy rather than on being right.


(February 20 – March 20)

It’s easy to idealise romance. We tend to observe others’ relationships and imbue them with attributes we long to share with someone special. 

But, in 2021, the Arc of Aquarius enables you to see behind the façade and realise the value of being authentic.

The amount of love you share doesn’t have to be limited by the amount you expect to receive.

And, as you stop weighing up the emotional accounts, you’ll find yourself willing to keep giving, regardless of what comes back to you. 

And you’ll be surprised by the response to your generosity.

Jupiter briefly enters Pisces midway through the year, giving you a foretaste of 2022’s delights when it spends longer in your sign.

Think of this as an appetiser — an amuse-bouche — and take every opportunity to make your feelings work for you in ways that bring love and satisfaction.

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