Biden UK trip LIVE – Joe arrives for G7 summit and Queen meeting after chilling warning to Putin & China

JOE Biden touched down in the UK today for his first international trip as president, with the G7 summit, a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and tense talks with Vladimir Putin on the horizon.

Biden has set the stakes for his eight-day trip in sweeping terms, believing that the West must publicly demonstrate it can compete economically with China as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

The trip will be far more about messaging than specific actions or deals.

The paramount priority for Biden, who left on Wednesday for his first stop in the United Kingdom, is to convince the world that his Democratic administration is not just a fleeting deviation in the trajectory of an American foreign policy.

Many of America's allies fear the USA has irrevocably drifted toward a more transactional outlook under former President Donald Trump.

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    The White House's Director of Message Planning Meghan Hays issued a statement as POTUS touched down on British soil today.

    "Air Force One is wheel’s down overseas as @POTUS embarks on his first trip abroad as President," she captioned a video of him landing.

    "Be sure to follow along for the next week as @POTUS reminds the world that America is back, and ready to lead with our allies once more."

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    Biden will be met with cheering crowds in the UK, according to videos of people gathering to welcome him to England.

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    Speaking on Fox News shortly after Joe Biden touched down in the UK, Senator Lindsey Graham complained about the president's foreign policy.

    Citing the US-Mexico border crisis, the South Carolina politician said: "What happened in the past six months?" he demanded.

    He demanded that Biden tell China they will "pay a heavy price" in relation to the Wuhan "lab leak" theory.

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    The president will have five summit meetings ahead of him. Shortly, he'll be greet members of the British Air Force and their families, Fox News reports.

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    Joe Biden will now meet UK PM Boris Johnson today after he arrived at RAF Mildenhall ahead of the G7 Summit.

    Credit: Reuters
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    The Bidens landed in the UK this afternoon.

    Photographers take pictures behind a fence of RAF (Royal Air Force) Mildenhall ahead of the arrival of U.S. President Joe Biden, near Mildenhall, SuffolkCredit: Reuters
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    The White House reportedly made a del with Pfizer and BioNTech to provide 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to 100 countries over the next two years.

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    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Joe Biden is well-prepared for this first trip as presidency.

    Yesterday, she told reporters: ""He's been getting ready for 50 years."

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    VP VOW

    After Kamala Harris issued a statement as Joe Biden is due to touch down in UK shortly.

    "What happens abroad matters to the United States. @POTUS and I will continue to strengthen our relationships around the world," she said.

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    QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration.

    As he flew over the Atlantic to Cornwall, England, today, Greene blasted the president on Twitter over his failure to recognize D-Day:

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    A top aide has advised Biden to make Bitcoin a priority aty the G7 summit.

    At a White House press briefing, national security advisor Jake Sullivan said Biden should focus on the online attacks “particularly as they relate to critical infrastructure."

    He said the role of cryptocurrency in cyberattacks has “got to be a priority” for the and its international allies.

    Sullivan's comments come after several ransomware attacks reportedly carried out by Russian hackers

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    Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have a "special relationship," despite their opposing views.

    However, the Washington Post noted that getting along in the coming days at the G7 summit is paramount after four years of Trump-induced tension at these events.

    National security adviser Jake Sullivan described their phone calls as “constructive” and “warm.”

    “They’ve been very much down to business,” Sullivan said. “They’ve gone through extensive agendas in both of them.

    "And I expect that their meeting together will just cover the waterfront. I mean, really, a wide range of issues where the two of them and the U.S. and United Kingdom do see eye to eye.”

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    Tax avoidance will dominate the G7 summit Joe Biden is attending this week.

    The proposal that Joe Biden put forth is a global minimum rate of at least 15 percent and agreeing that countries can tax profits made by big companies based on their revenue.

    This would be instead of taxation being based on the country they're in.

    However, Republicans like Mitch McConnell disagree

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    As well as the G7 summit in the UK, Joe Biden will then travel to Brussels for the summit with NATO leaders.

    NATO is an alliance of 30 countries from Europe and North America, which implements the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949.

    Its site reads: "NATO is an active and leading contributor to peace and security on the international stage. It promotes democratic values and is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes.

    "However, if diplomatic efforts fail, it has the military capacity to undertake crisis management operations alone or in cooperation with other countries and international organizations."

    While NATO's average defense budget due to fears of Russian aggression, the US makes up a whopping 70 percent of the alliance's total military expenditures.

    But Biden must try to mend frayed alliances from the Trump administration, after he vowed to improve Washington's relations with Europe, noted Business Insider.

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    The 2019 G7 Leaders' Summit was in France back in 2019.

    Although the US held the G7 Presidency last year, it did not convene a Leaders' Summit as a result of the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.

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    Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US will all participate in the G7 summit.

    It is headed by the UK this year and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Britain also invited Australian, Indian, South African, and South Korean leaders to attend as guests.

    Here is this year's agenda, according to SDG Knowledge Hub:

    • Leading the global recovery from the coronavirus while strengthening resilience against future pandemics;
    • Promoting future prosperity by championing free and fair trade;
    • Tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity; and
    • Championing global shared values.


    Boris Johnson has said he's looking forward to the G7 summit in Cornwall hours after Biden set off for the UK.

    "I’ve arrived in Cornwall for this year’s @G7 where I’ll be asking my fellow leaders to rise to the challenge of beating the pandemic and building back better, fairer and greener," he said.

    "It will be a busy and important Summit, and I can’t wait to get started."



    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the Pentagon to place China and its military at the top of the US' defense agenda.

    His instructions come as Biden heads to the UK for the G7 summit and NATO with European leaders, focussing on climate, Covid, and China's tech rise.

    “This directive from the Secretary is ultimately about getting the Department’s house in order and ensuring that the department lives up to the stated prioritization of China as the number one pacing challenge,” one Defense official told CNBC.



    Biden will reportedly deal with Covid-19 vaccines along with a whole range of pressing issues during his European visit.

    It's emerged that IMF Managing Director Georgieva expects G7 Summit announcement of 1billion Covid-19 coronavirus vaccines reallocated to the developing world by end of 2021.

    It comes after Biden hinted that he had a major Covid announcement in the coming days.


    Donald Trump Jr has weighed in on Biden's decision to drop Trump's ban on WeChat and TikTok and implement a review of the apps instead.

    "First Biden caved to Russia and now he's caving to Communist China," he tweeted. "But don't worry guys, at least his tweets are nice!"


    The EU has avoided taking as strong a stance on Beijing's crackdown on Hong Kong's democracy movement and treatment of Uyghur Muslims in the western Xinjiang province as the Biden would like.

    However, as the G7 and NATO summit get underway, there are some signs Europe may agree to crack down, AP noted

    In March, the EU announced sanctions targeting four Chinese officials involved with human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

    Beijing the imposed sanctions on several members of the European Parliament and other Europeans critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

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      PSAKI Q&A

      Watch as Press Secretary Jen Psaki is quizzed about Joe Biden's trip to Europe:

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      Senator Mazie Hirono has stated that she thinks Republican Senator Mitch McConnell will try to tank Joe Biden's initiatives as he heads off to Europe.

      "I believe Mitch McConnell when he says that his goal is to make sure that Joe Biden doesn't accomplish his major goals so that Mitch McConnell can take back the Senate," she told I believe him when he says that."

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      Here's what the president said at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland, this morning:

      8:26 A.M. EDT: POTUS  You dropped your phone.  You dropped your phone. 

      Watch out for the cicadas.  I just got one — it just got me.

      Q    What’s your main goal today when you get over there?

      POTUS:  Strengthening the alliance and make it clear to Putin and to China that Europe and the United States are tight, and the G7 is going to move.

      Q    Mr. President, do you expect to come out with a vaccine strategy for the world?

      POTUS:  I have one and I’ll be announcing it.  Thank you.

      Q    Do you expect that Putin will be able to work out any kind of understanding with you on the cyberattacks?

      POTUS:  Who knows at this point.  It’s going to be [the] subject of our discussion.

      8:27 A.M. EDT

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      As he flies to the UK, Joe Biden issued a statement about protecting Americans' data titled: "Executive Order on Protecting Americans’ Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries."

      Part of the lengthy order read: "By operating on United States information and communications technology devices, including personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, connected software applications can access and capture vast swaths of information from users, including United States persons’ personal information and proprietary business information.  

      "This data collection threatens to provide foreign adversaries with access to that information.  Foreign adversary access to large repositories of United States persons’ data also presents a significant risk."

      It comes as China continues to rise as a tech superpower.

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