Bill Gates drove off in sleek golden-brown Porsche for meet-ups with women during workdays, ex-Microsoft employee claims

BILL Gates would drive off in a sleek golden-brown Porsche for meet-ups with women during workdays, an ex-Microsoft employee has claimed.

The former staffer alleges that people in the office assumed that when Gates took off in the Porsche, he was heading off to engage in the affairs.

The employee told Vanity Fair that the Microsoft co-founder would show up to the office in a Mercedes, and have a worker deliver the sports car to him about an hour later.

"We all assumed that it was when he was with women," the staffer told the outlet.

"I knew there were many off-site meetings that were not on his calendar."

Since Bill and Melinda Gates announced earlier this year that they were getting divorced after 27 years of marriage, many stories began to emerge that tarnished the Microsoft co-founder's straight-laced image.

However, another source told Vanity Faire that the allegations of Gates taking off in his Porsche to meet ladies was just a rumor.

He is "one of the most intensely scheduled people on the planet," and never just disappeared from the office, that person said.

Other sources told the outlet that Bill and Melinda had been living separate lives for years before she filed for divorce in May.

It's unclear how much she knew of the rumors at Microsoft or what ultimately led to the decision to split, though some claim the couple only stuck it out until their youngest daughter graduated from high school.

Melinda reportedly first hired divorce lawyers in 2019 after the relationship between her husband and Jeffrey Epstein became public knowledge.

Gates and Epstein met in 2011 and the two men reportedly spent time together on multiple occasions, flying on Epstein's private jet – dubbed the "Lolita Express" – and attending late-night gatherings at his Manhattan home.

Gates has always denied witnessing any wrongdoing during any of his meetings with Epstein and previously said he "regrets" ever meeting with him. 

It was also revealed that Gates had an affair with a Microsoft staffer in 2000 that allegedly went on for several years, and that she penned a letter to the company's board about the relationship in 2019.

Microsoft's board investigated the woman's claims and deemed the relationship "inappropriate," the Wall Street Journal reported.

Gates suddenly quit the board in March 2020 while the investigation was still in progress – and before the board could make a formal decision on the matter.

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