Breastfeeding mom slams dentist who told her to cover up

An upstate mom blasted her dentist as “Dr. Ignorant” for telling her she needed to stop breastfeeding in an exam room.

Mother-of-two Tiffany Elliott, from Irondequoit in suburban Rochester, said she was “beside herself” after being “shamed” by her dentist, Dr. Robin Craig, for starting to breastfeed her 9-month-old daughter, Ember, during her older daughter’s appointment.

“I had Ember cradled and one hand at the bottom of my shirt, with ZERO skin exposed. Dr. Ignorant then says, ‘Ok I’m uncomfortable and whatever you are doing there needs to stop!’, while motioning around her chest with her hands frantically,” Elliott, 30, wrote on Facebook Saturday. “My jaw dropped you guys!”

Elliott said she explained that based on a 1994 state law, she has a right to breastfeed her child in any public location.

“Her ignorance and comfort level does NOT trump my baby’s needs,” she wrote.

But Craig brushed it off, suggesting the family find a new dentist, Elliott said.

“I CRIED you guys!” she wrote. “Anyone who knows me, knows that is NOT me! I felt so embarrassed. Not by the thing I love, which is nurturing my baby wherever and whenever, but by the total IGNORANCE of a society they breeds such clowns.”

The story struck a chord with many other moms, who shared their experiences on Elliott’s post, which had been shared more than 8,000 times with 12,000 comments by Wednesday.

Dr. Michael Wilson, who runs the dental practice, told the Democrat and Chronicle its policy does allow breastfeeding. He said the dentist planned on leaving the exam room until Elliott was done but never had a chance because of the mom’s outburst.

Wilson apologized to Elliott and said he wasn’t at the office when the incident happened.

“I have four kids, all of whom were breastfed,” he said. “I am 1,000 percent on board with that.”

The practice was closed Monday and Tuesday because Wilson said he was getting death threats and angry residents were showing up to protest. They reopened Wednesday, according to the paper.

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