Brits suffer more headaches at Christmas as overindulgence and the stress of gift-buying takes its toll

Research shows eight in 10 Brits suffer occasional ‘tension headaches.’

And a poll of 2,000 adults found that for a quarter the excesses of Christmas parties has led to a headache in the lead up to the big day.

The poll, funded by Nurofen, revealed one in five blame the stress of entertaining or online shopping for their seasonal strife.

Fin Mc Caul (CORR), of Prestwich Pharmacy and Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said: “Headaches can have a considerable impact and I see a spike in the number of people suffering over the festive period.

“Often by the time people come to the pharmacy, it’s when they are really suffering.

"It is important to understand your pain and to know that you can address it early rather than just seeing if it will go away or not.

“There are a range of pain relief options available that can reduce headaches, so you can get back to your day.

"If you are unsure, seek advice from your pharmacist to help you find a good option.”

The results found women often take the most strain, with around double the number of females to male sufferers experiencing headache symptoms from online shopping and organising Christmas presents.

And the younger generation may suffer more as online shopping causes headache symptoms for approximately twice the number of 25-44 year old sufferers compared to the over 45s.

Other headache triggers include a lack of sleep, dehydration and spending time in noisy environments.

However, according to the research conducted through, 47 per cent of Brits opt for a ‘wait and see’ approach when they feel a headache coming, ignoring it in the hope it gets better.

When they do treat a headache, up to three quarters of people are not completely satisfied with how quickly pain relief kicks in or how long it lasts for.

The survey also found that headaches not only impact the sufferer in regard to pain but for 50 per cent of the population can have an impact on their sex life.

Eight in 10 unsurprisingly say a headache will negatively affect their general mood, and 71 per cent are put off activities they enjoy like playing with their children.

To help Brits through the season of festive fun, Nurofen teamed up with mixologist Paul Tvaroh of Lounge Bohemia in Shoreditch to create three Christmas-inspired non-alcoholic cocktails.

Paul Tvaroh said: “There’s no reason why a non-alcoholic cocktail can’t be as creative as an alcoholic one.

“These recipes bring together the quintessential flavours of Christmas with a touch of experimental mixology that you can try at home, so you can help avoid the headaches but still enjoy a sophisticated cocktail experience."

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