Cop reveals chilling moment he found naked body of mum wrapped in plastic sheet after teen dragged body in wheelie bin

A COP has described the chilling moment he discovered the naked body of a mum wrapped in plastic sheets and buried in a shallow grave.

Lindsay Birbeck, 47, was found by a horrified dog walker 12 days after she vanished in Accrington, Lancs, in a secluded corner of a cemetery.

The teaching assistant had been pounced on in woodland by complete stranger Rocky Marciano Price, 16, in August 2019.

The monster teen crushed Lindsay's neck then brutally tried to chop her body up.

After the gruesome murder, Price was captured on CCTV dragging the mum-of-two in a wheelie bin to the graveyard where he dumped her body.

DSI Andy Cribbin, who led the murder investigation, has now revealed the moment he saw Lindsay's mutilated body in documentary Britain’s Deadliest Kids on discovery+.


He said: "Lindsay’s body had been naked but it had been wrapped in some plastic sheeting. In between Lindsay’s body and plastic sheeting was foliage.

"There was grass present within the sheeting that wasn’t actually within the area of the cemetery. That showed us the body had been transported from elsewhere.

"A number of people had noticed a wheelie bin in the crematory, which was unusual.

"It had been seen in the area Lindsay’s body had been recovered.”

As the murder probe ramped up, police made a shocking discovery on CCTV.

Footage showed the baby-faced killer dragging the blue wheelie bin through residential streets in broad daylight.


After finding a quiet and secluded area near the railway line, he spent over an hour burying Lindsay's body before leaving a saw, gloves and the wheelie bin at the scene.

Over the next several days the teenager was captured on CCTV returning four times to visit her grave.

Chillingly, the teen had been "on the prowl" before the murder and had targeted a second woman who "had a lucky escape" minutes before he brutally attacked Lindsay.

She bravely came forward after identifying Price in the CCTV with the teen's name given to police by others who knew him.

To the force's surprise, Price was shopped to police by his own parents.

But detectives faced a mammoth task as the teen's IQ was just 65 – putting him the category of extremely low intelligence.


Price, who was also autistic and had no criminal history, replied no comment to every question put to him in interview.

It wasn't just police who were stunned by the murder suspect – with Lindsay's own family shocked by the killer's age.

Her husband Tim tells the show: "Even myself, I went '16 years old? My daughter is 17, he’s younger than my children.”

Price was charged with murder but he pleaded his innocence despite admitting he moved the bin and Lindsay's body.

Instead he claimed he was approached by a stranger who promised him “a lot of money” if he disposed of a body.

But jurors saw through his lies and unanimously found him guilty of murder at Preston Crown Court in August 2020.

He was caged for life with a minimum of 16 years over the "entirely random" killing.

 DSI Cribbin said: "Rocky, in my mind, is a very dangerous young man.

"He stalked two women during that afternoon, and having been unsuccessful in stalking one lady, within a short period of time he attacks and murders Lindsay. I believe he’s dangerous.

"The only person who can tell us what his motive was is Rocky, and Rocky hasn’t done so.”

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