Cow chases horses in footage which will make your mind explode

Get a moo-ve on! Hilarious moment calf tries in vain to keep up with its horse pals

  • The footage features three horses and a donkey running in a field in Arkansas
  • After several seconds a large calf lumbers into view trailing the other animals 
  • Despite its lack of speed, the cow determinedly follows the horses and donkey

This cow soon realized it was lacking in horse power when it tried to keep up with the rest of its ‘herd’ in Arkansas.

Hilarious footage recently shared online shows three horses galloping across a pasture in Mountain View. 

Close behind them is a donkey, which seems to have no trouble matching the pace.

The four animals continue to run through the grass and almost out of shot before the cow, named Annabelle, finally lumbers into view – trailing by several seconds.

The three horses gallop across a pasture in Mountain View, Arkansas 

A donkey follows in close pursuit and the four animals continue to run towards the hedge

It is several seconds before the cow, named Annabelle, finally lumbers into view 

The bovine struggles to catch up as her companions speed off out of shot, several seconds ahead of her. 

The animal’s owner clearly found the scene, originally filmed in March 2017, entertaining.

They recently posted it with the caption: ‘My bottle calf Annabelle trying to keep up with her herd.’

Bottle calves are, as their name suggests, calves who have been raised by hand. 

This often occurs after their mothers – usually first-calf heifers or older cows – fail to provide enough milk. 

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