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Cruise passenger hits out at trip so bad travellers staged a mutiny

‘No windmills, no clogs, that wasn’t the Holland I know!’ Cruise passenger hits out at trip to ‘undiscovered gems’ in Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk, and Dutch port that was so bad the holidaymakers staged a mutiny

  • Passengers on board a mystery cruise have ‘mutinied’, according to reports 
  • The ‘undiscovered gems’ took them near to steelworks and migrant camps 
  • Furious customers became so irate they ‘refused to leave the 710-room vessel’ 
  • The ship has now sailed through parts of Germany as it continues its voyage 

Passengers that ‘mutinied’ after their ‘undiscovered gems’ mystery cruise docked at Great Yarmouth, and a Dutch industrial port that was ‘like being on a council estate’ have continued there journey through to Germany. 

Roughly 900 customers on board the Balmoral ship were expecting an exciting first stop on the ‘special voyage’, with some paying £1,400 for 11 nights on the trip. 

But furious customers became so irate they refused to leave the 710-room vessel because of the itinerary made by holiday operator Fred. Olson.

Miranda Bryden a passenger on the ship, said: ‘Great Yarmouth certainly was not great. It was like Blackpool on an off day.’

She added that another destination, Antwerp, had ‘no windmills, no clogs, it was residential – and I could’ve done that at home.’ 

Pictured: Fred Olsen Cruise Lines ‘Balmoral’ leaves Port of Southampton (file photo)

Grim Voyage: Passengers have been treated to less than stellar venues over the last five days of travelling

Those on board were astonished to stop at Great Yarmouth – with some passengers having travelled from the resort in the first place – followed by Dunkirk, France (pictured: Dunkirk)

Others on board the ship reportedly been engaged in heated arguments with staff over the disappointing destinations, having set off from Newcastle on Tuesday.  

Those on board were astonished to stop at Great Yarmouth – with some passengers having travelled from the resort in the first place – followed by Dunkirk, France.

Next stop was Antwerp, Belgium, before arriving at a port in Ijmuiden 20 miles from Amsterdam.    

But even this destination failed to live up to any expectations, according to Miranda ‘It wasn’t the Holland that I know! It was residential – I could have done that at home.’

Pictured: A fish and chip shop in the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth

The Mayor of Great Yarmouth, Councillor Michael Jeal, and the Mayoress, wife Paula, greet Fred. Olsen guests, as they set off to explore Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas

One resident of Great Yarmouth couldn’t understand the cruise’s first choice of stop, suggesting it would have been better to ‘skip the place altogether’.

Chimneys emit vapor at the Tata Steel Ijmuiden BV steel plant, a unit of Tata Steel Ltd., in Ijmuiden, Netherlands

After waking to sights like the steelworks beside Ijmuiden Port in Amsterdam, Antwerp was supposed to be a day of relief but the sights were less than spectacular.

Miranda said: ‘There were no windmills, no clogs, nothing that said it was Holland.’ 

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines say they offer a ‘holiday experience like no other’, billing the cruise as an ‘unmissable mystery’. 

A spokesperson said it was a shame that a minority of guests felt the cruise did not meet expectations, but they had also received several positive comments.  

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