Disney responds to hospice's appeal for ill Star Wars fan to see film

Disney boss responds to UK hospice’s Twitter appeal asking if terminally ill Star Wars fan could get chance to see new film with his son before he dies

  • Rowans Hospice in Hampshire appealed to social media users for help 
  • They were hoping to secure a viewing of The Rise of Skywalker for a dying fan
  • Disney CEO Robert Iger responded to their plea and vowed to try and help  

The CEO of one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world has responded to an appeal from a Hampshire-based hospice trying to secure a viewing of the latest Star Wars film for a terminally ill fan and his son.

The Rise of Skywalker, made by Disney studios, is the final instalment of the nine-part saga and is due to hit cinemas in the UK on December 19, but for one Rowans Hospice patient time is of the essence.

In order to try and grant the dying wish of the patient, staff at Rowans Hospice set out on a mission to try and help the fan see the film and received a reply from Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger. 

Robert Iger (pictured above earlier this year vowed to try and help the terminally ill patient

Rowans Hospice tweeted out using the Star Wars hashtag and managed to get a response from Mr Iger (tweets above)

Rowans Hospice tweeted: ‘Can you help? We have a patient who’s a HUGE #StarWars fan. Sadly, time is not on his side for the 20th Dec’.

‘His wish is to see the final Star Wars film #RiseOfSkywalker with his young son. If you know ANYBODY who might be able to make it happen, please share with them. Thank you.’

Social media users offered help, suggesting email addresses and Twitter handles to get in touch with, before Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker originally, responded.

‘Contact @Disney. They are the only ones who can make this happen. Good luck!’ he wrote.

The next day, chief executive of the Walt Disney Company Robert Iger got in touch, replying: ‘Please provide me with the necessary details and we will certainly try.’

The hospice responded to Mr Iger by thanking him ‘for trying to help with this when time is absolutely of the essence’ and passed on an email address.

Rowans Hospice has yet to confirm whether or not they have had further contact with Mr Iger, but those on social media were quick to celebrate his offer.

One Twitter user wrote, ‘Awesome … A real class act’, while another tweeted, ‘Thank you for trying Robert’.


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