Donald Trump should TESTIFY on Capitol riot because he is 'obviously a very key individual,' Republican says

REPUBLICAN Senator Lisa Murkowski wants Donald Trump to testify in a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol riots.

Sen Murkowski told CNN on Tuesday: “If you put together a commission that is focused on the events of January 6th, I think he’s obviously a very key individual."

The people who stormed the Capitol days before the inauguration were trying to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote for President Joe Biden in favor of former President Trump.

Some Republicans support the idea of a bipartisan investigation into the events that day, and Sen Murkowski signaled she might support a commission if it’s not too “broad.”

However, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday that he does not support the commission.

A few Republicans including McCarthy have suggested making the investigation broader by also including riots that were allegedly part of protests that took place in the summer of 2020.

“If you’re really making this a very broad brush approach, it might be difficult to really get value from a specific type of commission,” Sen Murkowski told CNN.

“But again, I think this is something where you need to look closely to the details and how it’s configured.”

Other Republicans — like Rep Liz Cheney, who was ousted from her position as the third-ranking Republican recently — seem ready to support the commission as well.

An agreement to establish the commission was reached last week by House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson and a top Republican on the panel, Rep John Katko of New York.

During a House Republican conference meeting on Tuesday, Rep Katko predicted a “healthy” number of Republicans would back the legislation for the commission, according to sources who spoke with Politico.

McCarthy told the outlet, “Katko has worked hard to improve the bill. It’s just not there yet.”

In March, Trump defended the Capitol rioters on Fox News.

While he admitted that they “shouldn’t have done it,” the former president also said his supporters posed "zero threat.”

Five people died during the incident and several others were injured.

"Some of them went in and they're, they're hugging and kissing the police and the guards," Trump said.

“You know, they had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in and then they walked in and they walked out.”

Other Republicans have suggested people besides Trump should be investigated in connection to the insurrection.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be investigated partly due to her allegedly delayed requests for National Guard assistance.

“We need to investigate why @SpeakerPelosi did not have 10K National Guard at the Capitol on Jan 6th like Pres Trump requested on Jan 5th since it was warned ahead of time by intelligence there was something planned and pipe bombs were found at the RNC and DNC on Jan 5th,” Rep Greene tweeted on May 14.

“That was a very serious and grave action taken to ignore the President’s request for NG troops at the Capitol. Ignoring a clear threat to the Capitol and all the lives involved.”

“There needs to be accountability for that,” she concluded.

The House will likely vote on whether or not to establish the commission this week.

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