Drunken reveller caught on a doorbell security camera — eating a garden bush

A DRUNKEN reveller was caught on a doorbell ­security camera — eating a garden bush at 1am.

The man appeared unsteady on his feet as he eyed up the shrubbery before lowering his head to bite off some leaves.

After scoffing a mouthful, he went in for seconds — ripping off more of the greenery with his teeth.

Struggling to focus, he then wiped his mouth and looked satisfied as he stood in the rain at the weekend.

A source said: “It was bizarre. He was clearly smashed and thought it was a kebab or something.

“It can’t have tasted very good. It was just your standard garden spikey bush.

“The bloke was in a world of his own.

“We’ve all been in some states but he must have put a serious amount of booze away to think that was going to sort the munchies.”

The bizarre incident occurred on a quiet residential street in Stalybridge, Manchester, when temperatures had plummeted to lows of 6C over the weekend.

The householder reviewed the footage after getting a notification from the video doorbell camera in Stalybridge, Gtr Manchester.

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