Four dead after man goes on violent two-hour rampage in LA

A man has been arrested after a series of robberies and stabbings left several people dead and injured.

The man, 33, killed four people and injured another two as he made his way through the streets of Los Angeles, police said.

He targeted people in the Garden Grove and Santa Ana areas of south east LA in a two-hour period of violence.

Police lieutenant Carl Whitney said his only known motives were ‘robbery, hate and homicide’.

He said: ‘We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight.’

Mr Whitney said police first answered a call to a burglary at an apartment, where no one was hurt.

A bakery was then robbed, an insurance business was robbed and a woman was stabbed several times in the back. She is expected to survive.

The owner of the bakery said: ‘He went directly to the register and tried to open the register… he showed me a gun.’ He took all the money and fled.

She added: ‘I think I was very lucky because he thought I was a customer, not the owner.’

At a petrol station he attacked a man who was filling his car ‘for no reason’.

He was stabbed in the back and ‘his nose was nearly severed off his face,’ the lieutenant said.

A caller reported watching the stabbing from CCTV, Whitney said.

Police were called back to the same apartment complex, where two men had been stabbed. One died on a balcony and another died at a hospital.

A cheque-cashing business also was robbed, as well as a gas station where a man was slashed so badly that his nose was nearly severed, Mr Whitney said.

The suspect’s silver Mercedes was tracked to the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store in Santa Ana, where a security guard was disarmed and stabbed to death, Mr Whitney said.

An employee of a nearby Subway store was also killed.

The attack comes just days after 31 people were killed in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

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