From the Archives, 1976: Broadmeadows ghost town in land sale bonanza

First published in The Age on January 7, 1976

Ghost town bonanza for commission: land goes in spirited selling

The Housing Commission has sold 139 home sites in the Broadmeadows ghost town – blackbanned by unions because of aircraft noise from Tullamarine airport.

The legacy of the union black ban: part of the Housing Commission estate for sale at Broadmeadows.Credit:Bruce Postle

The sites have been on the market only two weeks. Partly built homes are on about 60 of the sites.

The Minister for Housing, Mr Dickie, predicted last night the commission would make a profit of $250,000 from the sale of the land in the ghost town.

The average price for the sites is $5500. This rates among the cheapest land in Melbourne.

The estate costs the commission an average of $3500 per lot to develop in the early 1970s.

The town, part of the commission-owned estate west of Pascoe Vale Road in Broadmeadows, has 212 home sites.

The estate was blackbanned by the Trades Hall Council in July, 1972.

Ron Tandberg cartoon published in The Age on January 7, 1976.Credit:Ron Tandberg

Talks between the commission and the THC failed repeatedly, so the land was put up for sale.

Profits from the sale will be spent on more land and new homes by the commission.

Mr Dickie said last night:

“Our prices obviously captured the imagination of the public.

“It shows the travesty of the black ban.”

Mr Dickie said the commission was forced to sell the land after “the unions turned a deaf ear” to negotiations.

Union sources last night indicated the black ban would remain in force indefinitely.

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