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General Election 2019 – when do postal votes arrive and need to be returned by? – The Sun

THE December General Election is just around the corner, which means postal votes will need to be returned soon.

Here's what you need to know on when your ballot paper will arrive and when to return it in good time.

How can you vote in the 2019 General Election?

It is now too late to register to vote in next month's election.

In the UK, there are three ways to vote; in person, by post or by proxy.

You can still check to see if you are registered to vote with your local authority.

If you’re not sure which one you fall under simply type in your postcode at Your Vote Matters.

How do you vote by post?

You can choose whether you want a postal vote for a single election or permanently.

The postal vote will arrive about 10 days before election date.

Once registered to vote by post, near the time of an election or referendum you will be sent a ballot paper which you complete and then send back.

Though you are not voting in a booth – marking your vote should be done in secret and you should seal the envelope yourself.

If you have registered to vote by post, your postal vote must arrive at your Electoral Office in the UK by 10pm on Dec 12, the day of the election.

If it arrives after this time then your vote will not be counted.

Complete your ballot paper in secret, then put it in the envelope supplied and seal it tight.

You must also remember to fill in and sign the accompanying postal voting statement.

Put both items into the larger envelope and post it back to your local electoral registration office.

If you have forgotten to post your ballot then you can take it to your polling station on the date of the election.

How do you vote by proxy?

Voting by proxy means getting someone to vote on your behalf.

You can ask anyone to act as your proxy – as long as they’re registered to vote and they’re allowed to vote in the same type of election.

You can be a proxy for two people at the same election, or more if the extra people are close relatives.

Completed forms have to be sent to your local Electoral Registration Office.

Can I vote if I live outside the UK?

You can vote by post or by proxy (someone to vote on your behalf).

The postal vote application deadline was on Tuesday, November 26 for those in England, Scotland and Wales.

Those in Northern Ireland had to apply for a postal vote by November 21.

The deadline to apply for voting by proxy in the December 12, 2019, General Election is 5pm on Thursday on December 4.

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