German rapper has half his skull removed after explosion

German rapper has half his skull removed after explosion at his homemade drug lab

  • Niko Brenner, 35, known as Dr Knarf, was blasted into a Cologne street in 2017 
  • Bottles of propane gas in his homemade drug lab caught fire and exploded  
  • A large portion of his skull was surgically removed after his brain swelled up

A huge portion of a German rapper’s skull had to be surgically removed after his homemade drug laboratory exploded.  

Rapper Dr Knarf, whose real name is Niko Brenner, was thrown from his Cologne recording studio in February 2017 after bottles containing highly flammable propane gas exploded. 

Knarf was using the gas in a DIY drug laboratory to create a highly concentrated form of cannabis extract.

Niko Brennan, whose rapper name is Dr Knarf, is pictured here after surgery to remove a portion of his skull. The bone restricted his swelling brain after bottles of propane in his home drug lab exploded and threw him into the street in Cologne 

His chances of survival were low but he kept himself alive, despite the horrific injuries he’d sustained.

After the explosion, Brenner was taken to a specialist burns unit due to 40 per cent of his skin being scorched. 

‘That (the skin burns) was nothing compared with what came after. I lay for three months in a coma during which I suffered four strokes,’ the rapper said. 

‘My brain has grown so much that some of the bone had to be removed.’

Three years ago the Cologne Express reported after the incident that Brenner was ‘panicked, burning and without hands’ running across the street. 

Brennan is pictured  here before the explosion in Cologne three years ago. The rapper said that he was taken to a specialist burns unit as over 40 per cent of his skin was scorched in the blast 

The rapper admits that he made mistakes before the explosion.  

Due to ongoing criminal procedures, he did not want to comment further.

Despite having a large portion of his skull missing and being paralysed on one side of his body, the now 35-year-old remains positive.

He is learning to walk again and will release a new album entitled ‘Prometheus’ in 2020.


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