Girl, 4, saves mum’s life by ringing 999 when she suffered severe asthma attack – The Sun

A GIRL of four saved her mum’s life by phoning for an ambulance when she collapsed.

Quick-thinking daughter Faye dialled 999 after Katie Humphries, 32, suffered a severe asthma attack at their home.

Faye told a call handler she could not breathe and gave the address.

When asked for Katie’s name, Faye said: “Mummy Humphries.”

She then told Katie: “Don’t worry, Mummy, help’s coming.”

Katie, of Southampton, had such a severe attack that she stopped being able to feel her arms and legs.

She suffered a second attack after paramedics arrived but her condition was later stabilised in hospital.

She added: "Faye got quite upset when I was taken away in the ambulance.

“When she came to see me at the hospital, she asked if she was in trouble for calling 999 as I have always told her not to call that number on my phone. I told her I was really pleased with her.

“If it wasn’t for Faye I don’t think I would be alive. She saved my life.”

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