Glenn Greenwald attacks Facebook for crackdown on vaccine lies

Glenn Greenwald blasts Facebook for bowing to liberal mob and cracking down on vaccine misinformation after media pressure

  • On Monday Facebook announced a change in its policy on vaccine posts
  • Posts with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines would be removed 
  • Previously the posts were ‘downranked’ rather than being taken down
  • Glenn Greenwald on Tuesday told Tucker Carlson he disagreed with the move
  • The journalist said that Facebook was bowing to pressure from media outlets
  • He said if anyone disagreed with them on vaccines, they would be ‘shamed’
  • Greenwald said Facebook’s move was dangerous and unhelpful 

Facebook has been accused of bowing down to a liberal mob following its decision to remove posts which spread misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Facebook’s move was condemned on Tuesday by journalist and outspoken critic of media colleagues, Glenn Greenwald.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Greenwald said that Facebook would not have wanted to censor the posts, but was pressured into it by a media mob.

‘I think it’s so important to recognize that Silicon Valley companies are not the ones who want to do this,’ he told Carlson.

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday night to discuss Facebook

Facebook announced Monday they were now taking down posts which lied about the vaccines

‘They would rather stay as far away from censoring and arbitrating and intervening and kicking people off their platforms – not because they are noble or nice, but it’s in their best interest not to do it.

‘They are being pressured to do it. By CNN and NBC and The New York Times who are saying: every time you allow information over the platform that we think is wrong, we’re going to shame you, disgrace you.

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not exist or have not been approved

Claims that something other than a COVID-19 vaccine can vaccinate you against COVID-19 

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines cause autism

Claims that building immunity by getting COVID-19 is safer than getting the vaccine 

Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine changes people’s DNA

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility

Claims about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines which are incredulous or irrational, such as taking the vaccine turns you into a monkey 

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not provide any immunity to people 

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain toxic, prohibited, or harmful ingredients, microchips, animal products, or anything not on the vaccine ingredient list

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are untested

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain the mark of the beast  

‘And they have partners who are the Democratic party who control the entire government were right or along with them, saying we demand you censor more.’

Greenwald pointed out that, if you advocated wearing facemasks early in the pandemic, that would have been counter to World Health Organization advice. 

The social media giant on Monday announced that it was introducing a new policy, which would see it remove posts which broke COVID-19 rules.

‘Building trust and confidence in these vaccines is critical, so we’re launching the largest worldwide campaign to help public health organizations share accurate information about Covid-19 vaccines and encourage people to get vaccinated as vaccines become available to them,’ said Kang-Xing Jin, head of health at Facebook, in a company blog post.

The policy is an updated version of rules introduced last year, in which Facebook said it would ‘downrank,’ or push lower down in people’s news feeds, misleading or false claims about vaccines.

Facebook now states: ‘We remove misinformation when public health authorities conclude that the information is false and likely to contribute to imminent violence or physical harm.’

They give as examples of posts they would remove claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people, cause autism or infertility, changes people’s DNA and ‘contain the mark of the beast’.

Greenwald, who resigned from The Intercept amid a row about editing his story about Joe Biden, said that journalists were now ‘the leading activists who destroy free discourse and free thought in the United States’.

The 53-year-old New Yorker on Sunday had denounced a ‘Stasi’ of journalists who he argued censored each other.

‘A new and rapidly growing journalistic ‘beat’ has arisen over the last several years that can best be described as an unholy mix of junior high hall-monitor tattling and Stasi-like citizen surveillance,’ he wrote.

‘They have insufficient talent or skill, and even less desire, to take on real power centers…so settle on this penny-ante, trivial bulls*** — tattling, hall monitoring, speech policing.’ 

Greenwald was skeptical on Tuesday night about Facebook’s new policy

Greenwald said Facebook was being pressured to make the changes to its policy

On Tuesday Greenwald reiterated his criticism. 

‘Everything they do, these liberal guardians of orthodoxy and piety, is about trying to make you think that they have a monopoly on objective truth by finding it in science,’ he said.

‘It is a human study, which means it is fallible, and it is extremely dangerous to say that any kind of human knowledge is so unchallengeable to being discussed that it is off-limits from even being questioned.’

Greenwald said that he himself will be vaccinated when his turn comes, and he has recommended his family do the same.

He argued it was only due to the freedom of thought on the internet that he was able to find dissenting opinions, weigh them up, and make his decision.

‘If the internet were on a place where no dissent were allowed, I would have way less confidence in that ability because that would mean this as a profession that isn’t confident enough to allow dissent,’ he said.

‘And if they are not confident, they earn much less trust and faith in their pronouncements.’

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